What foods are good for stress?

How to overcome stress with food?

Many of us love to seize problems, including the stress that is potent for us, tasty. A striking example is the fact that in any company a large and profitable transaction ends with a banquet. Such a reaction is quite natural for us. But since the stresses in our lives, an excessive amount, jamming them with food, which is not always healthy, can play a cruel joke and affect the waist with fat folds.

Therefore, if the problem is seized, then only proper and healthy food. And for this it is important to choose the optimal diet that will not only relieve you psychologically, but also does not harm the digestive system.

Healthy products under stress

So, what products not only harm, but also contribute to improving your well-being and help in dealing with stress?

The undisputed leaders are citrus. Vitamin C contained in them is the main remedy for any stressful situations.Therefore, to improve your condition, you can eat fruits, as usual, and create delicious cocktails.

It is important to understand that nutrition should always be balanced, but at the same time diverse. The diet requires the presence of cereals, herbs, and nuts. Otherwise, you simply will not receive the required amount of nutrients.

But the most important component of any menu, especially for a person who is experiencing strong experiences caused by stress, are green vegetables. Different varieties of cabbage can be included in this category, including broccoli, lettuce, sorrel, onions and spinach. The supply of vitamins and antioxidants contained in them allows not only to fully restore the body after strong experiences, but also to adjust the work of the central nervous system and make your body more stress-resistant and resistant.

Tasty medicine

We should also mention the chocolate. Most people know that this tasty product raises the level of the �hormone of happiness� - endorphin in the body, which makes our mood better. But if you seriously eat on chocolates or chocolate cakes, then you can not notice how to add a few extra pounds, which can not throw everyone.For a normal state of health and improvement of the general condition, no more than thirty grams of chocolate is enough per day. Cocoa beans, which are the basis of real chocolate, contain a unique set of antioxidants. They not only relieve stress, but also prolong the life of our nerve cells and improve the functioning of the nervous system. That is why doctors recommend to use chocolate during intense mental activity.

Even ordinary green tea will help to cope with strong stress. Anti-stress effect of this product is based on the high content of antioxidants in the composition of tea leaves. In addition, even the process of drinking a drink can have a calming effect. Such a pastime allows you to think about how the day passed, put everything on shelves in your head and get the necessary moral and physical relaxation.

Dangerous drink

In the end I wanted to give one useful advice for those who like to deal with stress with food. During a strong experience, avoid black tea and coffee, replacing them with lighter fruit juices. Caffeine contributes to the development of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are already in abundance in a person under stress.Drinking even one cup of coffee, you can hardly calm down, but you will become more irritable, emotional and nervous. People who love to �drink� the stress of coffee often suffer from insomnia, digestive disorders, palpitations and even reddening of the face.

In many cases, serious experiences, complemented by a cup of coffee, can cause irreversible harm to your cardiovascular system in the first place.


Under stress, our body is in dire need of vitamins and nutrient glucose. Therefore, in order to get rid of nervousness and recover from hard experiences, it is better to consume a lot of fresh fruits, dairy products, and vegetables. You can get the necessary glucose not only from cakes or sweets, from the use of which in this state it is better to abstain, but also from honey, dried fruits and natural marmalade.

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