What can be cooked from squash?

To diversify your diet, enter into it new products. For example, many tasty dishes can be prepared from the squash. Find out useful properties and some interesting recipes.

Patisson: description, composition, useful properties

Squash is a plant belonging to the pumpkin family, and a close relative of the more common for many ordinary pumpkin. The shape of the fruit can be dish-shaped or bell-shaped, the color varies from almost white to yellow, orange or green. To taste, squash are like zucchini, artichokes or asparagus. The homeland of such interesting fruits is South America, from which they spread throughout Europe.

As part of the patissons a lot of useful: pectins, natural sugars, proteins, enzymes, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, sodium, copper, phosphorus, vitamins E, C and group B. The caloric content of one hundred grams of such a product is only about 20 kilocalories.

Beneficial features:

  • This product is useful for weight loss, as it can be used to prepare a variety of dietary light dishes, but it gives satiety and perfectly satisfies hunger.
  • Squashes help to normalize digestive processes, stimulate the motility of the intestinal walls and relieve constipation, and also remove all unnecessary substances from the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Potassium strengthens and nourishes the heart muscle.
  • Phosphorus is good for brain function and improves mental ability.
  • B vitamins help the smooth functioning of the nervous system and contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes.
  • This product is an excellent natural antioxidant, neutralizing the destructive activity of free radicals, slowing the aging process and ensuring the prevention of cancer.
  • Zinc has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Regular consumption of the product allows you to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol and keep it under control.
  • Squash helps cleanse the blood vessels and strengthen their walls, protects against atherosclerosis.
  • The product will be useful for anemia.
  • A squash can be considered a source of vegetable protein, which is necessary not only for muscle work, but also for the formation of new cells.
  • Orange fruits help to maintain visual acuity.
  • Squashes are good for the liver and kidneys.

How to use in cooking?

How to cook a squash? It can be boiled, fried, baked, grilled or marinated, also ideal for stuffing. Below are some interesting recipes.

Appetizing snack

As an appetizer to the table, you can prepare delicious marinated scallops. Here is what you need:

  • 2 kg of squash;
  • a glass of 9% vinegar;
  • five to seven garlic cloves;
  • dill;
  • 200 grams of sugar;
  • three tablespoons of salt;
  • six glasses of water;
  • bay leaf;
  • 5 tablespoons of tomato paste, ketchup or other natural tomato-based sauce.


  1. Banks need to be well washed, then pour over boiling water or sterilized in the oven. At the bottom of each place on a small tuft of dill and a garlic clove.
  2. Then cut the scallops in any way (if they are very small, you do not need to grind them further).
  3. Prepare the marinade: pour all the water in the pan, add vinegar and sugar, salt, tomato paste and bay leaf. This mixture should be boiled.
  4. Now pour the hot marinade over all the cans and start rolling them.And so that they do not open, before closing, you can sterilize them together with the contents by immersing them in a large container with boiling water.

Baked Squash

Delicious dish will turn out if you bake the scallops in the oven. Prepare the following foods:

  • seven young small squash;
  • large onion;
  • 150 grams of hard cheese;
  • a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • salt.

For sauce:

  • four large spoons of sour cream;
  • tablespoon flour;
  • garlic clove;
  • a little dill.

Process description:

  1. Get involved in the scallops, namely cut them into slices about a centimeter thick or less. Onions must be cleaned, cut into thin half-rings or chop.
  2. Warm up butter in a skillet and fry patisson squash with onions, salt all at the very end. Both components should be golden and soft.
  3. Take a glass or ceramic baking dish, put the patissons in it along with the onions.
  4. Go to the sauce. On the remaining oil in the frying pan, brown the flour until darkening, then add sour cream, peeled and anyway minced garlic, as well as chopped dill. Preparing the sauce is literally a couple of minutes.
  5. Squash with onions filled with ready-made sauce. And on top you need to sprinkle the cheese, rubbing it (you can just lay thin slices).
  6. Form the oven in a preheated to 190 degrees oven for about fifteen minutes. This dish is served warm or hot.


To cook the scallops deliciously, you can make them the most delicate caviar. And for this you will need:

  • 1500 g of patissons (it is better to choose young ones without large seeds);
  • a pair of carrots;
  • two large tomatoes;
  • large onion;
  • four or five prongs of garlic;
  • your favorite spices;
  • about three large spoons of vegetable oil;
  • salt;
  • if desired, you can add sugar.


  1. Onions should be peeled and shredded. The carrot is thoroughly cleaned and either cut finely or rubbed on a grater. Squashes can be crushed in small cubes, and garlic - after cleaning pass through the press. Tomatoes first dip for half a minute in boiling water, and then peel off the skins, then cut into cubes.
  2. In a frying pan, warm the oil well, start frying onions with carrots and garlic on it, so that they soften slightly. Then lay out the scallops and fry them for another five or seven minutes. Then add tomatoes.
  3. Fry all three minutes, then extinguish until fully cooked under the closed lid.If you want the ready-made caviar to be more dense, then the lid can be opened slightly to evaporate a little liquid. One minute before the stove is turned off, add spices, salt, and optionally sugar. And do not forget to mix the ingredients carefully.
  4. The finished vegetable mixture should be turned into a smooth mashed potatoes. To do this, either use a blender, or skip the ingredients a couple of times through a meat grinder.
  5. This caviar can be closed for the winter or immediately served to the table and eat with bread or as a side dish to the main course.

Try to cook different interesting and tasty dishes from the squash.

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