What bad habits spoil sex life?

It seems that soon it will be time for us to change the very concept of education and include a new item in it - lessons not on how to work productively by profession, but master classes on how to learn to relax from work and enjoy life quality. Scientists have written more than once that, despite all the tindery and other mobile tricks for quick acquaintances, the current generation of young people has almost no less sex than their parents in the 80s. We guess that there are reasons for this - bad habits, the catch of which lies in the fact that nobody considers them harmful and does not want to believe that they can adversely affect sexual life.

"Flirt" with gadgets in bed

Yes, get out of social networks, where everything is so bright and colorful, for many now the real test. American sex therapist Andrea Sirtash shares an interesting remark: many of her clients say that they do not often have sex due to lack of time, but they confirm that, on average, they spend about an hour a day on the Internet.It seems that the gadgets occupied the position that previously occupied the TV above the bed to kill all romanticism and spend all your bed-time before sleep, which could be spent on other things.

Load up before bedtime

Scientists say that work, food and sex add up to one chain: if you spend too much time in work, you tend to postpone food intake for a later time or even be content with a not too useful fatty snack before bedtime, and the result is an overcrowded stomach. fatigue, heaviness and ... essentially low sexual desire. And really, who wants to engage in active love exercises after a hearty dinner?

What bad habits spoil sex life?

Bring a pet to bed

The dogs know very well how to make such a mournful look, so that everything immediately melts inside you and you would certainly allow your pet to lie on your blanket together. Cats, no doubt, have their own stunts. Only here and those and others, as well as children (by the way!), Are the main abductors of your personal space, who without shame and conscience will reclaim your bed from you and will not allow them to do anything except to pay attention to them.

Bring work home

No matter how trite it may sound, but everything should have its time - both work and rest. And even if you find that the bed is a great inspiring space where new ideas are born at the computer, plan for yourself at least an adequate schedule that will allow you to separate the rest hours from the working hours, or at least not delay the night.

What bad habits spoil sex life?

Postpone pleasure later

Our brain just needs to reboot in order to rest from the brisk rhythm of working days and gain strength again. So, even if you rush like a squirrel at the weekend, trying to do twenty little household chores at a time, this is also not considered to be a rest, but again gives rise to the well-known “I-do-not-do” syndrome, with which one cannot relax. The absence of these lazy evenings or weekends keeps us constantly on our toes, and as a result, even during sex, you will rather worry and analyze something forever than just get high from the process.

Ignore exercise

The bad news is for those who hate sport: even a moderate amount of exercise allows us to maintain the tone of our body, and this also applies to sexual energy.Well and good news for those who are inseparable from sports: it turns out, sex after sports training can be even better and brighter.

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