Wedding invitations - making the right choice

Recently, not all couples tied the knot with all the pomposity and grandeur, as it was before: went to the registry office, received a marriage certificate and this is where the whole celebration ends.

But, nevertheless, the majority of the newlyweds are still trying to celebrate the significant event of the birth of a new family, as expected, with a lush holiday and a myriad of obligatory traditions, one of which is the production and departure of invitation guests.

You choose the decoration yourself

If you nevertheless decided to celebrate the wedding according to all the rules, then such an important moment cannot be ignored, because, in fact, the whole preparation should begin with this, not only the newlyweds themselves, but also the guests!

Beautiful and, with awe, made, invitation, in fact, are the "face" of your future celebrations, original and bright copies, for sure, will be kept by your guests for many years, as a reminder of the bright day of your wedding.

If you want the invited guests to appreciate your special attitude and respect to them, you need to make sure that your wedding invitations look unusual, stylish and unique.

Of course, for such copies you can go straight to the bridal salon or to the printing house, where you will be offered a variety of different options, but there is another way - to make invitations to the wedding with your own hands. Of course, you have to spend time, effort and energy, but it's worth it! It is especially exciting to do this thing together with the bridegroom or girlfriends - and faster and more fun!

For an original wedding

What are the invitations and what to choose for yourself?

Today, there is a huge variety of the most diverse and unusual ideas how to arrange invitations for a wedding, no wonder and get lost in such a sea of ​​beauty and celebration.

The first and most important thing you should pay attention to when choosing postcards is their color and style, which should fully correspond to the theme and decor of your future wedding, in fact, they will become a kind of eloquent "prelude" to your celebration.

If you plan to hold a themed wedding, for example, in the style of a Hawaiian party, in the style of the 60s or in a rustic style, then the invitation cards should be decorated in their style.

Many options

Now the most unusual and very original celebrations are in fashion: a wedding on bicycles, a wedding in the style of a medieval ball or in the national traditions of another country, do not forget that your invitations should fit into your invented concept, and it is easier and cheaper to make them yourself.


So, the possible types of invitations to the wedding

  • Classic - you can buy them at any specialty store or make your own hands. Usually they are made of colored or white cardboard on which decorative elements are glued, for example, ribbons, lace, pebbles and beads, images of flowers, in general, everything that comes to the mind of the newlyweds themselves. Cardboard is folded in half, and inside it is pasted the printed text or the text of the invitation is written by hand, which, in the age of computerization, is very touching and original. In fact, nothing complicated, it is necessary to recall the lessons of works, where we were forced to carefully paste various elements to a general sheet of paper.
  • Invitations in the envelope.Here there are two possible options: in the first case, separate blank envelopes are bought, inside which a sheet with the text of the invitation is inserted. The envelope itself can be decorated again, with ribbons, appliqués or any other decorative elements. Another option: the text of the invitation is printed directly on the envelope, it is opened in a whole sheet of paper for reading. This way of doing it yourself is more difficult, but if you have a color printer and small skills for folding paper into figures, you can try and get out on your own.
  • Invitation scrolls. Another very creative and even, one might say, fabulous way to invite your guests to the wedding. By the way, this option is great for themed weddings in a medieval or fairy style, the main thing is to follow the basic style everywhere. The most difficult thing will be to buy a suitable paper, because it is desirable that it had the effect of antiquity or, on the contrary, was decorated with intricate monograms, unusual laces. When creating such invitations, there are also two options: print or write in a beautiful font the text of the invitation on a piece of paper, roll it up into a tube and fasten it with an original ribbon or a special ring.There is another way: a scroll with the text is embedded in a wedding tube. In truth, it is difficult to make such tubes with your own hands, therefore it is better to purchase them in showrooms or make them to order.
  • There is another, very modern way to invite your guests to the wedding. To do this, you will not need anything other than a computer and the Internet: there are a huge number of possible wedding invitation templates on the Internet, there are even special sites where you can create interesting e-invitations with a few clicks. Inexpensive and interesting, however, it should be remembered that this method is more suitable for young people, but people in the age should still send traditional invitations, they will understand and appreciate much more.
  • Invitation in the form of souvenirs. There is another original way to invite your friends to a celebration - send them invitations, combined with a small gift. Usually, small gift boxes are bought for this, the invitation text is written inside the lid or directly on it, and a surprise is put inside - a sweet, a live soap, a small souvenir or a small flower.Such invitations are more like wedding bonbonnieres, but, be sure, your guests will appreciate your efforts and originality.
  • Use your sense of humor! Funny and original postcards are not always ryushechki and curlicues, if you are not afraid to make people laugh and be funny, you can decorate the greeting cards with your cartoons or non-standard photos with your images. Do not forget to revive the text, instead of the standard phrases add something your own, sweet and unique.
  • Video invitation. There is such a way: remove a small pre-wedding clip, it can contain the history of your acquaintance, pieces of preparation for the wedding or some romantic moments. The wedding is usually invited to the videographer, so you can pre-assess his abilities. Such a video you yourself will, with great pleasure, review after the wedding and show your children.

What to write and when to hand?

It is necessary to hand over wedding invitations in advance, preferably in a month and a half, so that your guests can prepare for the holiday, arrange a day off at work or buy tickets if someone lives in another city.

DIY masterpieces

The text of the invitation should not be too extensive, it is not a poem, but only a slight reminder of the date of a significant day for you: indicate who you are referring to, what event you describe, the date and location of the event, and separately for the mural and separately for the banquet .

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