Weather in Moscow for July 2017 - the most accurate forecast from the weather center for each day. What weather is expected at the beginning and end of July in the capital and the Moscow region

PMI-003What the weather will be like in Moscow in July 2017, you can already find out today from a preliminary forecast made by the Roshydrometcenter. According to the weather forecasters, no surprises and force majeures are expected and the month will pass fairly smoothly and comfortably. A characteristic feature of July will be cloudy, not sunny days with an average temperature of + 26 ° C in the morning and around + 16 ... 18 ° C in the evening. The maximum amount of precipitation in the capital and the region will be at the beginning of the second decade, and at the end of the month the weather will stabilize and will please the residents and guests of the city with truly summer affectionate warmth andlack of heavy rain.

Weather in Moscow July 2017 from the weather center - what will be the beginning and end of the month in the capital

According to the information issued by the weather center of Russia, the weather in Moscow in July 2017 will not go beyond the average statistical norms. The beginning of the month will be rather warm, but mostly cloudy. In the second decade of the month, the city will become colder and heavy torrential rains will become quite standard daily occurrences. At 20, the sky will clear up, and the temperature will return to stable summer indicators (+ 26 ... 28 ° C during the day and about + 16 ... 18 ° C at night). Fully clear sunny days in July will have much less than usual and they will become more characteristic for the middle and the end of the month. Extreme heat this year will be avoided and the second summer month in the capital will seem quite comfortable even to those who, due to various circumstances, failed to get to the resort during this period.

Weather in Moscow for July 2017 - the most accurate weather forecast for each day


The most accurate and detailed forecast of weather forecasters for every day reports that the weather in Moscow in July 2017 will be remembered by residents and guests of the capital with variable cloudiness, a small number of clear days,moderately hot temperatures and prolonged arctic cyclone, which will bring to the city a severe cooling and a whole week of torrential rains.

What will the weather be like in Moscow in July 2017 - daily detailed forecast

Often cloudy, not too hot and slightly winded - that's what the weather is expected in July 2017 in Moscow. A forecast made by meteorologists based on many years of observations states that the second summer month will begin on a cloudy day. The morning temperature will be about + 26 ... 27 ° C, and in the evening the thermometer will drop to + 16 ... 17 ° C. On the following day, it will slightly become colder (by an average of 2-3 degrees) and in the afternoon light rain will fall in the capital. Clouds will not escape from the sky and 3 numbers, and a weak clearing will begin only on July 4, when in the afternoon the streets will still be illuminated by a bright summer sun. The air temperature by this time will rise to + 26 ° C, but in the evening the mercury column will slide to the mark of + 13 ° C and this night will be one of the coldest for the whole month.

From July 5, the heat will gradually increase and to 6 will reach + 28 ... 29 ° C in the daytime and up to +18 ° C in the evening. The sky in these days will be mostly cloudy and enjoy the warm sunshine is unlikely to succeed.7 will become colder again (up to + 25 ° C in the morning and around + 16 ° C at night), and after lunch there will be heavy rain. But from July 8 to 10, the weather will be fairly clear in the city and there will be no fear of precipitation.


July 11 will sharply become colder and the thermometers will record a completely summer temperature (+ 22 ° C during the day and + 15 ° C at night). Such a significant drop happens due to the powerful Arctic front, which occupies the capital for almost a week. Every day there will be torrential rains, the daytime air temperature will drop to + 19 ° C, and at night it will be only + 12 ° C. Citizens will have to get windbreakers, woolen sweaters and waterproof shoes from the mezzanines again, and guests of the capital will need to buy raincoats and umbrellas, as walking along the city streets without these not summer attributes will be extremely uncomfortable.

The weather will return to normal only after July 17 and until the end of the month there will be no precipitation in the city. Temperature indicators stabilize and up to the 26th day the mercury column will not rise above + 26 ... 28 ° C during the day and will not fall below + 13 ... 14 ° C at night. True, the sun and absolutely clear sky can be seen only from 21 to 23 numbers. On all other days, light clouds will slightly dampen the summer heat, and the wind will make the air less dry and not too exhausting.On the last day of July it will cool to + 21 ° C and again it will be pouring rain. August the capital will meet with a cloudy sky, moderate warmth and numerous puddles, which simply do not have time to dry at such a low (up to + 21 ° C) for high summer temperatures.

What will the weather in the Moscow region in July 2017 - a preliminary review


Mostly warm, but at the same time overcast - this is what the weather is expected in July 2017 throughout the Moscow region. In the south and southeast, according to tradition, the columns will be much warmer and on some days, the mercury columns will even exceed the mark of + 30 ° C, but there is no reason to be afraid of prolonged heat. The rains, especially characteristic of the middle of the month, will quickly cool down the summer heat and reduce the warming of the air to a quite comfortable level (+ 25 ° C in the morning and around + 15 ... 17 ° C at night).

In July, the average daily temperature in the northern and northwestern part of the region will be no more than + 24 ... 25 ° C, and in the evenings the mercury column will drop to + 12 ... 13 ° C. Therefore, for walks in the picturesque surroundings will have to take with a thin windbreaker or wool jacket, otherwise there is a risk to catch the summer cold.

Bathing in reservoirs will become accessible and comfortable from the first days of the month, when the sun's rays warm up the river and lake water to + 23 ... 25 ° C.This will especially please those who moved their vacation to another period, and decided to spend the second summer month at home.

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