We will spend on February 14 in the style of "50 shades of gray"

Did you know that many things of leather and lace, which we love so much, came to us from the world of hard sexual fantasies, from role-playing games with domination and submission. Maybe you secretly want to rule and rule? Think and try to listen to your desires, and we will talk about the hottest things in the style of "50 shades of gray", which will have a place in the wardrobe even of the most humble of us. How about spending February 14 fully armed?

Frank underwear

Bandage dresses of one famous designer (we will not call his name, so as not to compromise) very closely resemble the bandage that is used in the BDSM community and makes it impossible to move. However, let's not hurry, it is safer to first pay attention to a more practical option - a set of underwear in a bandage style or made in the Shibari technique (erotic art of binding): ribbons wrap around the neck, go down to the chest, cross at the waist and go into thong panties ... At a minimum - useful for a photo shoot in the boudoir.

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