We decorate wedding glasses with our own hands

Surely, most people agree that the wedding is both a very solemn and long-awaited event, but at the same time incredibly troublesome and financial. Indeed, you really want your wedding day to be remembered both by you and your guests only from the good side, you want to show the whole flight of your imagination, do not seem tasteless and uninteresting, on the contrary, flashing a sense of perfect taste and style on this momentous day.

Glasses wedding photos

On the wedding day, attention is paid to everything, little things that on an ordinary holiday may not even be remembered by anyone, on the wedding day they will be in the center of attention.

And the wedding glasses of the bride and groom are far from an exception, they remain in public view throughout the whole festive day and evening.

Still, painting doesn’t do without them, they are often used at photo shoots as additional wedding paraphernalia to create interesting frames, and in the banquet hall they proudly spend the whole evening on the most important table - on the bride and groom’s table, which are not shy of them in during the evening sipping champagne.

Yes, the mission is quite serious, because in the end they will be in all the photos, they will constantly flash in the wedding video, and then permanently settle in the cupboard of your common home.

That is why a tradition has long since entered into its legal domain: the wedding glasses of the bride and groom must be adorned, and with all their splendor and scope, they should harmoniously complement the entire wedding environment with their unique design.

This means that you can only decorate and reflect on how your wedding glasses will look after you know exactly what color scheme the hall will be designed for, the general orientation of the wedding decor, and, of course, the wedding dresses of the groom and the bride.

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In general, most often, such cases are handled by special people or marriage agencies, but if you do not want to use the services of such structures, then we will tell you how to make wedding glasses with your own hands.

The most interesting thing is that in order to create a beautiful and even unique decor, it is not at all necessary to have enormous creative abilities, and also to have a specialized education.It is enough to decide on the design method, to purchase the necessary material and a few simple test glasses, on which it will be possible to hone your skills, so that the final version is truly chic.

In general, it is best to buy three pairs of wedding glasses. What for? Now we explain. The fact is that in general on the mural in the registry office there is a tradition of breaking wedding glasses, as they say, for good luck.

Beautiful wedding glasses do it yourself

Now, this is already slowly leaving, but if you still want to follow this tradition, then you probably feel sorry to break the only and very beautifully decorated glasses.

Another couple will calmly wait for you at the banquet, you will not have to constantly worry about the fact that a glass can break, having upset you with a similar phenomenon on such a festive day. Well, the third pair is a safety net, and it will not be a pity to take it to a photo shoot, and it’s not scary to break it somewhere along the way.

Variety of decor and decoration of wedding glasses

What should be the wedding glasses? It would not be desirable, but you will not get an unequivocal answer to this question, if you want to follow the general theme and color of your wedding, the glasses should fully comply with all the established rules of a certain style.

And so, everything is in your hands and the hands of your fantasy, good, design options are now very much. The first thing you want to emphasize is the fact that the glasses of the bride and groom are not required to have the same shape.

A feminine glass may have feminine and sophisticated features, but a masculine one could be distinguished by severity and restraint. However, even being different in shape, they should be similar in design, the unity of these two halves should be felt.

If you decide to make decoration with your own hands, then the decorations on the glasses can have the most diverse initial appearance: rhinestones, beads, ribbons and laces, satin flowers, as well as the most natural and natural flowers, ornaments made of polymer clay and even engraving on glass .

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Of course, all together in the same composition can not be used, it will look extremely ridiculous, but separately - very stylish and elegant. Exactly the same decorations can be made by specialists for a fee, but do not you want to make a personal contribution to the wedding preparation?

One of the most simple and common ways to decorate is using rhinestones.For this you will need medium-sized rhinestones and glue. After that, you need to come up with a pattern: it could be some symbols of love, for example, hearts or crossed rings, or just floral or abstract compositions. This design option will help make the glasses even more gentle and sophisticated.

Glasses of the bride and groom

If you decide to decorate the glasses with lace, then do not worry, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Just get a beautiful lace tracery, preferably quite thick, so that it does not fray in the first few hours of the holiday. All you have to do is measure the length of the lace, which is enough to wrap the entire glass, and then put it on the glue. The leg of the glass can be wrapped with a ribbon or add a few beads or srtazinki at your discretion. Sometimes even the leg of a glass is wrapped in lace, as if “putting on” a skirt on it.

Another option is to decorate wedding glasses for newlyweds with ribbons. More often a ribbon is wrapped in a spiral leg of the glass, and under the bottom make a beautiful silk bow. However, one ribbon decoration may not be enough, it is better to combine it with lace or rhinestones.

We decorate wedding glasses with our own hands

Flower arrangements are always in fashion and always extraordinarily beautiful. Of course, the most luxurious option - decorating glasses with fresh flowers. To do this, make a composition of a flower bud and, for example, ribbons on the stem of a glass. It looks very beautiful, but there is always a fear that they will not live to the end of the wedding ceremony, saddening the newlyweds with their heads down. Therefore, it is better to use artificial flowers, now you can get quite decent options that will be very slightly different from the living ones, but you will not worry for their safety.

Some newlyweds prefer to decorate initially beautiful glasses with engraving, which will fully symbolize their wedding day. Usually these things are done on crystal glasses or very beautiful glass, so that after a long time to keep these memories on the shelf. Most often on the glasses may be the initials of the spouses, family logos or portraits of young people, as well as the date of the event itself. However, remember that engraving will be visible only to those who are close to it, so it is still better to add a glass of ribbon or a couple of beads.

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