Watches and bracelets: 5 cool combinations for spring

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

In English, there is such a thing as the arm party - a set of bracelets, watches and baubles that makes up a personal composition on your arm. As it is easy to guess, this idea came from the teenage fashion of the 90s and 2000s, when at school all the girls competed, who have a larger collection of multi-colored bracelets - homemade, donated or bought at the checkout of a regular supermarket. At the lowest cost for teenagers, these jewelery had the maximum meaning: strong friendship, first love, exciting memories, the search for one’s own style — all of which reflected these very bracelets of all colors of the rainbow. In 2012, everything started to talk about teenage bracelets, including adults: fashion became infantile, and we ourselves learned not to be afraid to express our emotions and feelings through our style. Just as in his youth, including through jewelry. Found out in describing yourself? Then get acquainted with the top five combinations of watches and bracelets that we picked up, and you will have a real arm party (and without a hangover!).

Bracelets + Heart Watches

When you believe in love, it triumphs not only on February 14, but on any other day. Preparing for the attack of hormones in the spring and plan to go on dates and get acquainted with new people or add more romance and sensuality to the already begun relationship.

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