Warm and fashionable woolen dress (16 photos)

Winter is just around the corner, and the cold and constant winds that are haunting us this year make everyone wrap up and pack up as warmly as possible, because in such weather it is very easy to get sick.

As for the girls, they immediately recall jeans, shoes, numerous sweaters and sweaters, throwing beautiful and feminine dresses into the farthest corner of the closet.

Fashion in all weathers

Of course, in a thin low-cut knitwear you cannot get too far to your knees in such weather, but warm wool options of dresses are a very comfortable and stylish substitute for all other options of women's winter clothing.

Woolen dresses have a large number of advantages and, probably, not a single drawback, the main thing is to learn how to choose and wear this attractive outfit correctly.

In this outfit you can go anywhere

If you turn to the latest fashion shows of famous designer houses, you can see a huge variety of warm and beautiful wool dresses, which proves their great popularity among high society.

If we take a closer look at these models, we can see that woolen things, which have a considerable percentage of Angora impurities, which were very popular in the 80s of the last century, return to their former popularity. And it's not for nothing, because such things, due to such additives, acquire a very cute and slightly fluffy appearance, which gives the female image a special charm.

The main thing to be beautiful in any weather

By the way, dresses with such additives will be much more pleasant to the touch than models that are completely made of wool, they are somewhat stiff, they can be slightly pricked and be quite rough in the wash.

No matter what they say, but even in the winter, we must not forget that you, first of all, are women, which means that it is your direct responsibility to look stylish, feminine and harmonious, but, of course, do not freeze and catch from this constant colds.

Woolen dress is an excellent option, both for cold winters and for the height of autumn or spring, wearing a jacket or a light blazer, you will always look just irresistible.

For some reason, many women formed the opinion that such warm versions of dresses can in no way be suitable for some solemn or important events, and it is in vain!

For the evening by the fireplace

The most important thing is to choose the right style, which in its style completely reflects the direction of your image.

Colors and styles of dresses made of woolen fabric

In order to remain even in such a cold time, fashionable and stylish, you need to adhere to some basic tips of stylists, who put forward their recommendations regarding the colors of prints for the next season.

For a real diva

According to them, this season, the designers left all the bright and rich colors until better times, and in the middle - muted and pastel shades that best convey the comfort and warmth of the thing.

Coffee, sand, pale pink, beige, yellow, purple and burgundy colors are in fashion, and eternal classics are not far behind - black and white models of woolen dresses.

To go to college

As for the decor, all kinds of "pigtails" and "weaves" of wool, which merge with the general tone of the product, round or slanting neck, have returned to fashion.

As for prints, various abstractions, geometric and animal motifs, ethnic themes and, of course, many beloved, floral motifs are also popular.

Very nice color

Also this season, designers presented new items - sweater dresses with fur lining, wool appliqués, or even lace.To enter the evening event, you can pay attention to models decorated with decorative stones, sequins, rhinestones, or other “glittering” decorative elements.

At the peak of popularity will be models with a golden or silver glitter, which is achieved by interlacing woolen threads with decorative.

Only for brave fashionistas

Choice of a style of a woolen dress

This season, many of your favorite sweater dresses, which are very self-sufficient clothes and will not require any special additions, except for tight tights or leggings, will receive special attention.

To go to the club

These styles look great in the "rocker" style, where voluminous sweaters of muted tones are combined with thick leggings or skinny jeans, volumetric shoes with flat soles are added, and the whole image is diluted with massive accessories - large earrings, long pendants or chains.

For slender handsome

In order to highlight the waistline, you can use a thin leather strap, which can successfully emphasize it. This image is best suited for slender or curvaceous girls, and for ladies with a plus size figure, it is better to refuse this.

Chic autumn look

Girls who mark extra kilograms need to take a more strict approach to the question of choosing such a dress: it should not be too long, as it can visually give the figure of volume, and too short and tight models emphasize sharply hardened flaws.

For a warm winter

For these purposes, according to the stylists, you need to choose a dress length midi, if you are the owner of a lush chest, then also with a V-neck, which will best emphasize your beautiful neckline. The belt is also your assistant - it restricts the waist line and can hide an extra tummy.

Suitable for office work

Although a woolen dress belongs to independent things, still do not forget to periodically dilute it with accessories - scarves, scarves and other neck ornaments. Models with very large viscous, which appear through the underwear should be worn with a body and tight tights that match the color of your dress.

Wool combines with lace

How to choose and wash a knitted wool dress?

As for the choice of style, we told the basic principles that will help you choose a model that favorably emphasizes your advantages. But as for the material: the most "comfortable" options are wool dresses, which are composed of synthetic impurities, such as acrylic or viscose.

Patterns will help to look slimmer

Of course, their percentage ratio should not exceed 40%, otherwise it would be difficult to call such a thing wool, and, most likely, it will very quickly become covered with hated pellets.

It is best to stop your attention on those dresses, which have about 80% of wool in their composition, and the remaining space is occupied by synthetic additives, which will give things softness and increased wear resistance.

Black luxury

In order for such a thing to serve you as long as possible, you need to properly and carefully take care of it so that it does not lose its beauty soon. As for washing:

  • Woolen things must be washed exclusively by hand, even if you can boast of a trendy styaralka with the most delicate modes.
  • During washing, it is better to use special means for wool, which contain gentle detergents for such a fabric.
  • After washing the dress can not be twisted and hang on the clothesline. Lightly wring it, then spread it on a towel spread over the towel, you can roll it and leave it on a horizontal surface.
  • Drying the dress is necessary at room temperature, not on batteries or heaters!
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