Walk - so walk! Six inxicating anecdotes about the bar!


Photo source: pixabay.com

Who will always listen and not reproach? Who will give the wisest advice possible? Who is this person who knows everything about you when you do not know anything about him? Oh, no, it's definitely not a priest in the confessional and not even a hairdresser. The most mysterious person with global wisdom about life, the universe and in general - of course, the bartender!

Magically by chance, quite suddenly and unpredictably, on February 6th, bartender's Day is celebrated around the world, and the professionals themselves are forced to work three times more - competitions for the production of cocktails, tastings and contests for visitors to the best bars in Europe and possibly ours are held. And what about the bartenders? They make the face of "Okay" and continue to carry joy to the masses!

It's time to splash cognac in coffee shops, and in tea - rum and drink for the holidays to bring joy, not work.

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