Waiting for a miracle: Elizabeth Boyars congratulated with pregnancy

They say a happy event will happen closer to the New Year.

The fact that Boyarskaya is in an interesting position, fans of Lisastarted talking this spring. Like, the actress is increasingly published in spacious outfits.

Although the daughter of "d'Artagnan" and often used to prefer baggy T-shirts and spacious dresses. But the rounded forms are so easy to hide, and the tummy that has appeared in many photos is already difficult to attribute to a bad style or an unfavorable angle.

Photo: @lizavetabo

Boyars rumors about a possible replenishment in the family did not comment. Elizabeth is extremely reluctant to talk about his personal life. Moreover, her only son, Andrew, who was born in marriage with a colleague Maxim Matveyev, she showed fans only a year ago.

But in her own theater, as the media writes, they confirmed: as early as October, Elizabeth would not go on stage.So the last opportunity to see the heiress of the famous theatrical family in the case is the September productions of Hamlet (September 26 and 27), The Cherry Orchard (September 29 and 30) and Deceit and Love (September 28) in the MDT.

Here are just on the website of the Maly Drama Theater “Europe”, where Boyarskaya serves, in the playbill for October and November still there are performances with her participation. So, on October 5 and November 11, viewers will see “Three Sisters”, and on November 14 - “Hamlet”.

And if in the November version of the Chekhov play, the role of Masha Lisa shares with another stunning actress, Xenia Rappoport, in Hamlet she is the one and only Ophelia. Of course, Wday.ru could not help but pay attention to it. After all, if the director does not plan to urgently introduce a new actress in the performance, he will be removed from the poster, and the money will be returned to the audience.

“And why did you decide that Hamlet will be canceled? - a question answered the question Wday.ru in the administration of the MDT. “The performance will take place on November 14, and Elizabeth Boyarskaya will play Ophelia in it.”

What a twist! Whether in the theater they are trying not to escalate the situation, so as not to get a crowd of furious theater-goers eager to pass the tickets, or perhaps the rumors about the pregnancy of one of the leading actresses are just rumors. However, judge for yourself.For particularly attentive readers, we have collected photos of Lisa over the past few months.

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