Victorian Interior Design

The design of the house in the English style involves a combination of Georgian and Victorian directions. In the first case, the advantage for symmetry and straight lines. The style of the era of Queen Victoria is marked by eclecticism along with gothic forms, rococo chic, exotic elements united by classics.

The history of the Victorian style and its transformation began with a neoclassic of pretentious forms and ornate patterns, and in its modern version it is replete with artifacts that turned the ideas of lush design into a comfortable space for living. Outdated pomp and palace splendor have changed according to time, and today this style is expressed in luxurious comfort. Refinement in the interior remains true to the traditions, the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of old England, and contains an organic combination of elegance, taste, family traditions and wealth.

Welcome to the Victorian House

If we open the hallway door and enter the room, decorated in a similar design, the abundance of wood immediately catches the eye.Firstly, these are walls on which a third of the height is occupied by panels, as well as elegant wooden figured elements of stair railing, without the characteristic gloss of a lacquer coating, allowing natural gloss of a polished surface and a combination of straight and smooth lines. (photo №6)

Doors are made of solid wood, and complemented by elements of brass fittings. (Photo 7) On the spacious walls are mirrors framed in rich frames, and oak beams with their power are designed to support the ceiling at the corners.


The attention on the walls is attracted by the luxurious look of carved and cast rosettes, medallions and profiles - details that are in harmony with antiquity. If art plaster is applied to the walls, the use of stencils, easy rubbing, imitation of gilding and the effect of patina, implying authenticity to the interior, is meant. The colors are dominated by rich green, pink, brown tones and, alternatively, use a beige gamut.

Glued walls, with tapestry stretched or textured wallpaper, resembling cloth, are considered classics of English design, and are welcomed in the design: (Photo No. 8).

  • geometric stripes or tartan prints
  • volumetric ornaments
  • bird images
  • Gold-plated monograms
  • heraldic drawings

variety of compositions on the theme of natural motives:

  • flower buds and wild berries
  • tree leaves

Wall Decoration

The design of the walls fit timidly. Careful treatment of family members and respect for the family implies placing portraits. In addition, oil paintings in favor are arranged both in a random order and in symbiosis with a symmetrically hanging weapon arsenal. The soft light of vintage lamps in the corners of the wall illuminates a unique collection with impressive abundance.

Interior Accessories

Bright painting stands out prominently on the general background, and is also associated with home comfort. She attaches special importance and respect to the extent that the pictures cling to a thin rail, made in the tone of the overall interior, invisible to the eye. The frames on them are voluminous and heavy, reliably border impressed contrasting landscapes or plot sketches that contain meaning and completely exclude abstraction.

One of the main wall accessories is a clock made to match the wood used in the design. The wall accessory (or floor) traditionally has Roman numerals and a pendulum, a complex structural composition made up of different wood species.

Good taste can be traced even in small things. Rare things fill the empty space of shelves, which can be easily purchased in antique stores. The entourage is complemented by a myriad of trinkets, like Chinese vases, caskets, stuffed animals, Indian hookahs, flower pots, figurines. Judging by the variety of things in your home collection, you can talk about a departure from the stiffness in the aristocratic interior.

Stained glass windows

Gothic tall windows of arched type or having a rectangular shape, divided into segments by wooden frames, support the style. Often they are decorated with colored mosaic, and made in the form of a composition on glass. Stained glass windows, decorated in the spirit of Provence or Classicism, reflect natural plots or are decorated with geometric patterns, can also be marked with clear lines, and are perfectly suited for decorating rooms. Perfectly combined with wood paneling and vintage elements.

In the design of stained glass used for decoration and doorways, partitions, screens or decoration of furniture. (photo number 2). They add charm, and penetrating daylight through colored glass affects the overall perception of space.

Window Design

As if in spite of wet weather, the curtain design is saturated with warm dark green, brown, yellow or red colors. Textiles have a special role in the design, which is responsible for the cozy atmosphere of the house.

Wide eaves, having several strips for multi-tiered curtains, are considered an integral part in the decoration of windows. Ample draperies made of soft plush, lambrequins, bows, luxurious damask textiles, textured velvet and shiny brocade are used to decorate glass openings, and make up a beautiful ensemble with transparent curtains. They are decorated with laces, golden tassels, braided braid or fringe.

In the past era, the tendency to "change clothes" house, in accordance with the coming season. To replace the heavy winter curtains in the spring come lighter curtains of beige tones that adorn the windows until the autumn.

Features in the manufacture of furniture

A distinctive feature of the massive Victorian style furniture was the creative approach in the work of the English master Thomas Chippendale, who produced interior objects with bent legs, and adorned them with elegant carvings. Preference was given to the oak or unpainted walnut wood, but the main material was mahogany, from which were obtained stylish sideboards and buffets inlaid with ivory.

The soft parts of the sofa and chairs are covered with rich fabrics of different tones, usually combined with the colors of the walls, and are always littered with a mountain of pillows. Armchairs, ottomans and upholstered furniture elements are prudently quilted with large buttons. (photo №4)


Bedroom decor requires a bulky dresser with a large number of drawers that serve as a dressing table and space for storing clothes. Above it hangs a mirror. The bed is made with a bedspread or hides under a canopy. They are artfully decorated in the best traditions of the Victorian style, framed with a brilliant braid with a beautiful design, and imply an abundance of pompoms.The footboard and headboard of the spacious bed is decorated with elaborate carvings.

Living room

The living room is considered the largest room, and collects the whole family for tea. Preference is given to a round or oval table shape, and is supported by a podium or carpet relative to the geometric shape of the main subject of the room. Decorative decoration of an architectural structure focuses on carving or tiled finishing.

There are high chairs around the table, attracting the attention with carved legs and curlicues, and luxurious upholstery. A crystal chandelier on a long chain should certainly hang from the beam ceiling above the table. Its light defines the center of the living room, and focuses attention on itself. (photo 5)

Style Nuances

Chests of drawers, beautiful wardrobes are tightly arranged along the walls, and a fireplace is being built, which is considered an indispensable attribute of style, as well as accessories to it, in the form of numerous shelves or a forged support for forceps and poker. Despite the variety of interior items, the furniture organically “fits” with the general background and due to its mobility, and easily moves around the interior.

The fireplace is traditionally constructed from granite to match the wall panels, and is protected by Gothic half-meter spiers of the fence. Overall parameters are faced with natural stone or decorated with wood carving. Large mirrors, in form and color of the frame, are in harmony with the frames of the paintings, and are placed near the fireplace. It is permissible to put three mirrors in the room.

The harmony of style consists in observing the balance in the arrangement and combination of elements, the sense of proportion in the design of the design, built on contrast. So, the rich upholstery of the sofa complements its simple design or a picture in a luxurious baguette can hang next to a mirror in a simple frame. Design attributes echo each other by configuration, texture, color and material.


Ceiling medallions and interesting methods of decorative painting are used to finish the ceiling. Dark beams on a white background or artful stucco with a plafond adorn its space. The hanging chandelier imitates the glare of candle lighting, and is responsible for the light decor of the interior. Intense light emanates from floor fabric domes of floor lamps, arranged by a duet.


The characteristic coating of dark wood, like cherry and expensive natural materials, has a complex composition and is based on the principle of conformity in each room. So, for the front there is inherent decoration with ornamental medallions in addition to curbs. But in the bedroom it is enough to lay ordinary floorboards with a polished surface and covered with stain. Now successfully applied laminate or oak flooring. (photo7)

It is generally accepted to cover the floors with thick carpets that blend seamlessly with the rich curtain design. Floor coverings can be monophonic, with oriental or floral patterns. (photo 10)

Space management solutions

Pilasters in the interior synchronously break the length of the walls at specified intervals and, combined with elegant carvings on the eaves, give greatness and solemnity to space, bear decorative load, and draw attention to themselves. (photo №1)

The aristocracy of style requires a special organization of the kitchen, which is marked by the characteristic features of the design that determines its ergonomics.The working area is designed in the form of a desk-rack, and fenced from the total area. Behind an imitation of antique columns and at the bottom of an elegant table are hidden boxes for products with doors, paneled, with brass handles or forged copper fittings.

Solid wood panels frame the granite or marble surface of the inlaid worktop, and in an organic combination with the sideboard, connect the interior. The atmosphere of heat is enhanced by products from numerous porcelain items, combined into a rich collection. (photo №9)

If you want to showcase the available elements of luxury, and emphasize social status, refer to the Victorian style. You can harmoniously and subtly combine incompatible things, and find your own zest in the design.

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