“Very Strange Things” and another 4 atmospheric series for autumn evenings

Do you like the veil of mystery and reticence in Twin Peaks and The Real Detective? We picked up five series with such a thick atmosphere that it can be stirred with a spoon.

"Very strange things"

In the yard in 1983. Under strange circumstances, boy Will disappears in the fictional town of Indiana. His mother-divorce (Winona Ryder) does not find a place for himself, the police and local residents clean the forest, and Will's best friends, who secretly escaped to search, instead of Will, stumble upon a silent shorn girl with telekinesis abilities. Stephen King, though in no way participated in the project, still lives and breathes in it. “Very strange cases” in atmospheric conditions are able to with fresh premiere on King “Ono”. And if the screen version of the novel by Stephen King made it a horror, for the most part by omitting the history of growing up, then in the series childhood — with all the springs in its legs, terrible secrets and true friendship — is perceived as its own memory.At the end of October 2017, the second season is coming out, don't miss it! And the showrunners, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, to the delight of fans of the series, said that four seasons were already planned.

"In the dark"

The British TV series, the script of which was written by Daniel Blockhurst, behind whose shoulders work in such cool projects as "Shameless" and "Exile." The Manchester police officer Helen Wicks, being pregnant, finds out that her childhood friend's husband is accused of double murder. To understand this story and out of guilt (she thinks she left her friend in a crappy hometown), Helen goes to where she spent her childhood. The detective line immediately becomes the background, and in the first place comes the tragic secrets of the future mother with a gloomy character and the ghosts of her past, which jump out of the beautiful rural landscapes and half-dark pubs.

Mercedes Mr.

Thriller Jack Bender on the same novel by Stephen King. In order to begin viewing, you do not need to know in advance many details, except for the key one: Brendan Gleason plays the role of a overweight cop in retirement. This Irishman does about the same as Stellan Skarscard two years ago in “River”: with its charisma, it ensures the quality of the series by 50%.
Retired police officer Bill Hodges does not let go of one thing. Two years ago, someone in a hijacked Mercedes at full speed rammed a crowd of unemployed. Now Bill receives nasty letters reminding him of the tragedy, and the psychopathic criminal is preparing a new murder.


In the vicinity of the town on the Svalbard archipelago there are more polar bears than people. In order to somehow liven up life in Fortitude, surrounded by ice from all sides, the mayor decides to build a hotel inside a real glacier for the influx of tourists. After killing one of the scientists and attacking the bear on the townspeople it becomes clear that Fortitude is not such a sleepy little town. Immediately the riddles begin to pour out from the doors of all houses, and the local residents will prove to be not only colorful but also ominous.

"Murder on the beach"

A time-tested series about the professional union of a twitchy and morbid detective Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and an attractive, but unsuccessfully married, Allie Miller (Olivia Coleman).
The characters of the professionals Tennanta and Coleman, without causing a single drop of the probability of a novel or sex, create in the common space a “chemistry” mixed with mutual rejection, aggravated nerves and, what can be said, an emerging friendship.
In the first season, Alec and Ellie figured out who killed the eleven-year-old boy Danny. In the second season half the time is given to the intense litigation, and half to the old case of Hardy, about which he disheveled his nerves.
One of the reasons for watching the second season is Charlotte Rampling as a blind prosecutor, in love with Maggie, the editor of the local newspaper. But the most important thing is a windswept beach with an impending cliff, without the kind of which fifteen minutes of "Brodiccha" can not do.

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