VAZ-2107: how to remove the stove?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
May 1, 2015
VAZ-2107: how to remove the stove?

Malfunctions in the car's heating system is a fairly common practice. At the same time, it is difficult to ignore faults of this nature, especially during the cold season.

Let's figure out how to remove the stove to carry out the necessary repairs on the example of a car VAZ-2107.

VAZ-2107: remove the stove

  1. We have a car on a flat surface, turn on the parking brake.
  2. We stretch rags under the pipes - it will be very useful when coolant flows from the radiator (and this will happen during the process of its removal).
  3. Open the hood and loosen the tightening of the clamps, which are used to attach the coolant supply and exhaust hoses.
  4. Remove the radiator hoses and the heater tap - be prepared that at this stage liquid may begin to flow.
  5. Take the socket wrench for 7 and disconnect the screws securing the seal to the body.
  6. We dismantle the seal from the nozzles, drive the drive from the heater valve and fan shroud.
  7. The radiator pipes are taken out of the holes through the partition of the engine compartment.
  8. With a key for 10, we detach the fasteners of the outlet pipe and remove it.
  9. Remove from the radiator (stove) heater valve.

All! We removed the stove, further actions depend on the specific task. If you are changing an old stove to a new one, simply follow the procedures in reverse order. In the event that you want to repair an old stove, do all the necessary procedures and also put it in its place, following the instructions in reverse order.

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