Useful properties of oil needles

Among the essential oils, coniferous oils are one of the most popular, probably because they have long been known to our ancestors as excellent remedies for the treatment of various diseases. Thanks to the beneficial substances, which are abundant with cones, resins, nuts and needles, which are in them, ethers acquire healing properties that have a positive effect on the health of the human body.

In ancient times, one of the methods of treatment was considered to be leaving a sick person for some time in a pine forest, which led to deliverance from the disease. In addition, coniferous trees have a pleasant, fresh aroma, which is useful to inhale, walking through the localities of their growth, and on New Year's, it is recommended to dress only a real forest beauty. Needle oil is an excellent raw material used in medicine, cosmetology and perfumery for human health and beauty.

Healing qualities

The pine family includes conifers, called pine, spruce and cedar, in which the needles with cones are endowed with medicinal qualities,oils with resins. What are the healing properties of plants uses a person:

  • antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory;
  • painkillers and diuretics;
  • diaphoretic and choleretic;
  • antiscorbutic and antibacterial.

No wonder that conifer ethers are among the most bought by the population, and they are familiar to us in the region of residence, in contrast to the exotic type of grapefruit, marjoram or ginger. Their use for colds, to take aromatic baths, improve the structure and appearance of curls - a common phenomenon.

Unique composition

What caused such diverse and impressive properties? Of course, the composition, in which there are many vitamins and minerals. And they are everywhere - in pine needles of pine, Christmas trees or cedar, their "fruits" in the form of cones and pine nuts. "Vitamin cocktail" from conifers consists of vitamins:

  • A and E;
  • C and P;
  • K and PP;
  • group B.

Minerals found in coniferous plants:

  • copper and chromium;
  • cobalt with iron;
  • manganese.

Essential oils of needles are a storehouse of health, and it’s not for nothing that Siberians are inhabitants of regions with coniferous plantations, they are distinguished by longevity,strength of the body and strength of mind, using the natural wealth from colds, pain in the joints and for the hair, the density and length of which the indigenous Siberians are proud of.

Selection rules

Oils are different, so deciding which one to choose for use depends on what goals you are trying to achieve. For example:

With the help of coniferous resin oil, called “sap,” skin diseases are treated, because it has various properties - anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, healing. And if you mix the sap with other vegetable oils, you get an effective medicine for the treatment of joints, which includes the following components:

  • fifty grams of coniferous oil;
  • fifty grams of alcohol (vodka);
  • vegetable oil is similar.

All of these components are well mixed and left in a cold place for seven days, then the mixture is poured with a container with a lid. Home remedy is used for compresses, which impose on sore joints.

With the help of cedar oil, for the production of which pine nuts are used, hair and acne on the face skin are treated. The product is obtained by one of the methods:

  • cold spin;
  • hot spin,

where the most successful in therapy is considered to be cold, because it allows you to save most of the useful substances from the composition. Cedar ether with a pleasant smell, a transparent texture and a slightly yellowish tint, is not recommended for people who have allergies and obesity. The product helps to strengthen the blood circulation of the hair follicles, strengthen them, prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth. To verify this, it is enough to try a mask where the ingredients are taken as:

The oils are mixed and applied to the hair, keeping the composition for two hours, warming the head with a towel, then carefully washed off. Cedar oil has shown itself well as a component of a face mask that helps to get rid of acne and increased fat content of the skin. The most popular methods of making masks:

  • in the usual cream add a drop of cedar ether and two bergamot, causing home remedy on the skin in the morning;
  • for steam baths, add a couple of drops of oil to the water and sit on it for a quarter of an hour, then clean the pores with a special brush for the face;
  • in order to return the skin elasticity and freshness, grind the pulp of avocado, adding a drop of ether and a half teaspoon of sour cream, apply the composition on the face for fifteen minutes, then washing it off.

With the help of pine oil make inhalations of two types, approaching individually to each method:

For example, in case of a cold or a strong cough, a couple of drops of ether drip into a liter of hot water, cover with a large towel and inhale the vapors for about five minutes.

Cosmetology and coniferous ethers

Beauty has always excited both women and men, therefore natural means were often used to maintain it. Needles are no exception.

Needle oil helps to solve the problem of hair loss, loss of attractive-looking strands, and return the healthy and well-groomed appearance to the hairstyle. Faithful assistants in this business are oils of spruce and pine, strengthening hair follicles, eliminating dandruff and seborrhea, adding shine and ease of combing to curls.

Ways to care for problem hair:

  • put a few drops of oil in the means for washing hair - a shampoo or a balm;
  • Add a drop of ether on a wooden comb before combing for a pleasant smell and eliminateconfusion.

You can make a mask for the hair on the basis of pine oil, preventing alopecia and eliminating dandruff by mixing:

  • two egg yolks and a tablespoon of honey;
  • adding to the mixture of three drops of pine, orange, lavender and clove oils.

Apply a mask over the entire length of the hair, heat and hold for two hours, wash the hair with shampoo using warm water.

Face skin and ether

For medicinal purposes, pine oil is added to various creams. Used in ice rubbing, dripping it into the water, and pouring it into the molds for freezing. Liquid with ether wipe the skin twice a day, getting rid of puffiness, returning the face to youth, removing wrinkles.

Aromatic bath and ether

Bathing with essential coniferous baths is very useful, it helps to fight:

  • with stress and fatigue;
  • diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  • skin defects;
  • joint and muscle pain,

one has only to add to the water fifteen drops of the remedy, and take it a quarter of an hour before sleep, but not on an empty stomach.

When using needle oils, it is necessary to take into account contraindications. Then the oils will bring only benefits and health, and mood.

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