Useful jasmine masks

Beautiful jasmine is not only a beautiful flower, but also an effective way to acquire or preserve natural beauty. Learn the recipes of the most effective masks and learn how to do them correctly.

What is useful jasmine?

Essential oil is made from jasmine, which is widely used in alternative medicine and cosmetology. It contains various beneficial substances, such as organic acids, natural oils, terpenes. Get the oil from the flowers of shrubs by extraction.

Consider the benefits of face masks:

  • Cleansing The organic acids contained in the composition make it possible to achieve the effect of a light peeling, to remove dirt from the face and to exfoliate dead skin particles of the epidermis.
  • Humidification. Jasmine oil not only saturates the skin with moisture, but also helps to keep it in the cages, preventing dehydration.
  • Jasmine masks are also useful for oily or combination skin types: they help to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and eliminate the unattractive luster.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects. Components of the essential oil relieve inflammation, which makes it relevant to use for furunculosis, acne, comedones, pustular eruptions.
  • Acceleration of the regeneration of natural processes contributes to the speedy healing of wounds and the restoration of damaged skin. In addition, this effect will help to make stretch marks, scars and scars less noticeable.
  • Normalization of pigmentation, smoothing the tone of the face.
  • Mature skin jasmine oil returns elasticity and elasticity by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Applying a mask regularly, you can get rid of small wrinkles, improve the contours of the face.

For hair products based on jasmine oil are also useful, as they have an impact in several directions:

When should you not use it?

Jasmine oil has contraindications for use, and these include the first trimester of pregnancy, hypersensitivity, susceptibility to allergies, low blood pressure.

General Terms of Use

The use of cosmetics based on jasmine oil has a number of general rules:

  1. Jasmine essential oil is not used in pure form, but is added to the base oil, for example, olive, flaxseed, coconut. At 10-20 ml of the base is added two to four drops. But note that the cosmetic oil may already be diluted, so do not need to be further diluted.
  2. Before using masks need to spend an allergic test. To do this, apply a small amount of pre-diluted jasmine oil on your elbow or wrist. Watch the reaction for several hours: if the skin turns red and starts to itch, discard the remedy.
  3. It is advisable to prepare masks and mix their components in a ceramic, glass or porcelain container, because when interacting with plastic and metal, the properties of the oil may change.
  4. Thoroughly clean and steam the skin before applying a mask to enhance the effect and ensure deeper penetration of valuable substances into the dermis.

For face skin

Recipes for effective face masks:

  • If you need to moisturize your face, mix two tablespoons of olive oil, three drops of jasmine and 10 grams of pre-chopped avocado pulp.This mixture is applied to the surface of the skin, leave for forty to sixty minutes, and then remove the residue with a tissue and wash with warm water.
  • The mask prepared from 50 ml of milk, a teaspoon of gelatin, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a couple of drops of jasmine essential oil will help get rid of wrinkles. First, soak the gelatin in cool milk and, when it swells, heat to dissolve by adding the remaining ingredients. Apply gruel to your face, wait until completely dry and carefully remove the mask.
  • Clear your face with a mixture of four drops of essential jasmine oil, a large spoon of black cosmetic clay and five tablespoons freshly brewed green tea. Leave the mixture for half an hour and rinse with warm water.
  • Cope with pimples will help mask consisting of a spoonful of spaghetti, spoons of peach oil, 10 drops of lemon juice and three drops of jasmine oil. The composition is applied by active circular massage movements and aged on the face for forty minutes, after which you should wash using warm water.

Hair masks

At home, you can use jasmine oil in such ways:

  • Add a few drops of jasmine oil to any base: olive, burdock, linseed, peach oil. Put the composition on the scalp, massage it, then cover with a food film. After an hour, wash your hair thoroughly. This remedy moisturizes curls and scalp.
  • A mixture of equal parts of brandy, lemon juice and olive oil, as well as five drops of jasmine essential oil will help accelerate growth. Mask is applied with rubbing movements, kept for an hour (preferably under a bag or film) and washed off.
  • Strengthen hair will help mask, which are added a tablespoon of honey, egg white, a tablespoon of oil base and two or three drops of jasmine oil. Massage the active movements apply the composition to the scalp and distribute along the length. Soak the tool for an hour, then rinse the curls.

Be sure to try to make useful jasmine masks to improve the condition of the hair and facial skin.

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