Types of hair removal intimate places

The skin in the bikini area is very sensitive and delicate, so it can easily be injured. Because of this, hair removal intimate places requires a very responsible and careful approach. There are many types of similar procedures.


Many women prefer to use a cream for hair removal of intimate places, which corrodes the hair with chemicals. The procedure consists in applying the product to the skin covered with unwanted vegetation. It is left for a few minutes and removed using a special spatula. Chemical epilation gives an effect that is noticeable during the week. Even with a tendency to the occurrence of irritation on the skin, you can choose the best cream for you. After all, similar means for hair removal of intimate places are presented today in stores with a wide range.


Epilation with wax intimate places is not suitable for self-conduct. For this, it is better to consult a specialist. There are three types of waxing: cold, hot and warm.Wax hair removal of hot spots is considered the most painful, as hot wax is put on the skin, and after hardening it is torn off with a sharp movement along with the hair. Similarly, the procedure with the use of sugar or resin.

Light epilation

This includes photoepilation, in which hairs are removed under the influence of light radiation. Also, this subspecies includes laser hair removal of intimate places. All these methods destroy the follicle. But if photoepilation is suitable for any skin, then laser is only for women with dark hair on light skin.


To carry out such a procedure, you must first take a bath so that the skin is steamed out, degreased and disinfected. Only after that you can start hair removal. To reduce pain, you can gently pull the skin in the treatment area. After shaving the skin should be treated with an alcohol solution. You need to give your skin a breath, so immediately after using an electric epilator you should not dress. The result will be stored for two weeks.


Special enzymes are applied to the skin, after which the skin is exposed to infrared radiation. Enzymes penetrate deep into the skin and significantly slow the growth of hair follicles. After this epilation, the hairs are removed with wax. To achieve the maximum positive effect, the procedure must be repeated five times.

Electrolysis epilation

This is the most painful depilation. It should be carried out several times. The doctor inserts a ton needle under the skin. Through it, a small electrical discharge enters the body, the impact of which destroys the hair follicles.


Many people are interested in laser hair removal prices today, as this is the most effective method of removing unwanted hair. In comparison with wax epilation, shugaring and other ways of short-term removal of excess vegetation on the body, laser hair removal of the bikini zone costs much more. But after all, such costs are justified, since such a long-lasting effect is no longer observed under any procedure.

Prices for laser hair removal of intimate places:

  • The pubic area (female sex) is 12.35 $ per 15 minutes.
  • Pubic zone (male) - $ 30 for 20 minutes.
  • Buttocks (for females) - 50.6 $ / 20 min.
  • Buttocks (male) - 58 $ / 20 min.
  • Bikini-extra (mezhapodichnaya fold, labia) - 35.8 $ / 30 min.
  • Deep bikini (extra and normal) - $ 72.85 / 30 min.

For comparison, the price of waxing a deep bikini is $ 14.8.

At home

If you want to save money or just hesitate to bare your intimate zone before the master of hair removal, you can safely do everything you need at home, so to speak without outside interference. Of course, in this matter you need to do it. But over time, you will have everything just fine, no worse than a professional. And you, undoubtedly, will be satisfied with the result of the work done by yourself. For domestic work, such methods of intimate epilation are suitable:

1. Waxing. Such a procedure, conducted at home, will please you with a lasting effect. But do not forget about soreness. It is necessary to heat the wax to a liquid state, apply it to the area covered with hair and, after hardening, remove it with a sharp movement. All unwanted hairs will be removed along with a special strip. Waxing a deep bikini at home is not recommended for too sensitive skin and a low pain threshold.

Waxing home: video

2. Chemical epilation.The process of hair removal in this way has already been described above. I would like to note only that this method is absolutely painless and takes a little time. But he removes only the upper hairs, without affecting their roots at all. So the effect will not please you with the duration. But for 7-10 days the skin will remain more or less smooth. In addition, after the treatment of the site on the body can remain rare hairs, and after the procedure you will have to repeat the epilation again or use tweezers to pinch the remaining hairs.

3. Electrolysis. Today it is no longer just a salon procedure. You can buy electric epilator in any store of small household appliances. The choice offered a variety of efficiency and price of the device. This device will allow you to easily carry out the epilation of the bikini area at home. And although the procedure is very painful, it is quite realistic to suffer a little. To remove unwanted vegetation is necessary against the growth of hair, in order to avoid the passage of small hairs. Electrolysis done at home, will forget about processing the intimate area for 10-25 days.

We also advise you to read about how to properly shave the bikini area.

Additional tools for bikini hair removal

Despite what type of hair removal you have chosen for yourself, getting rid of unnecessary hair never goes unnoticed. In any case, the skin will be injured and irritated. So the use of soothing and soothing means is a prerequisite for intimate hair removal at home. In addition to special lotions and creams for intimate places, you can use moisturizers for the body and natural oils. And then you will be doubly pleased with home hair removal.

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