Turtleneck - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe

Turtleneck is probably available in the wardrobe of every girl, because it is so practical and convenient, but at the same time feminine. And with what is best to wear a turtleneck? Let's find out!

A bit of history

How did the first turtleneck appear? Immediately it should be said that such a name was given to this item of clothing in vain. The fact is that it was divers who originally wore turtlenecks. From about the end of the 19th century, they began to wear narrow woolen sweaters under their spacesuits, to the neck of which they were sewn long gates that were attached to the neck.

Cozy autumn

Such a thing allowed to protect the neck from friction and at the same time to warm the divers. Then, at the beginning of the last century, pilots began to wear turtlenecks. This thing protected the neck from the wind and perfectly matched with leather jackets. Then this comfortable piece of clothing noticed and race drivers. And during World War II, the turtleneck became part of the military uniform of soldiers of some countries.

Turtlenecks entered the world of fashion in 1959, when Pierre Cardin presented to the world a collection of ready-made women's clothing, the main element of which was a turtleneck.By the way, the couturier for some reason was excluded from the High Fashion Syndicate.


But still, such a thing was not forgotten, since then it appeared in the collections of Yves Saint Laurent and many other designers and fashion designers. By the way, turtlenecks were worn by members of the famous Beatles group, they made this thing even more popular.

How to choose?


So, how to choose a fashionable, beautiful and stylish turtleneck? A few important points to look out for:

  1. Colour. Be sure to get a classic black or more fresh white turtleneck. You can also choose beige or gray. If you want brightness, then choose a model of bright color that suits you. Remember that girls with pale skin do not go pale, they can make the look painful. But saturated and dark will be appropriate. But dark-skinned beauties should pay attention to the bright shades that will be interesting to contrast with the skin.
  2. Drawings and patterns. Turtleneck with print is a bright and stylish thing, but it combines with a few elements of clothing.
  3. Material. First of all, it must be of high quality. Slender girls can afford thin elastic fabrics, and ladies with appetizing forms should pay attention to more dense materials that will hide flaws.
  4. Stitches.They should not stand out, such details are striking and greatly spoil the look and image.
  5. Gateway. First, it must be high enough and cover the entire neck. If it is only half closed, it will visually shorten it. Secondly, it is desirable and even necessary that the gate does not have seams. Thirdly, the collar should not be too tight and cause discomfort.
  6. Try on a turtleneck. It should fit the body, but not too tight, so do not try to get a model a size smaller.

What to wear?


What is fashionable to wear a turtleneck? This thing is not only practical, but also universal, so there are a lot of options.

Full set

If the top you choose is a turtleneck, the bottom can be like this:

  • Classic pants. They will be perfectly combined with a simple white or black turtleneck, this is a beautiful strict image of a business woman.
  • Tight trousers-pipes with a turtleneck will look very sexy.
  • Jeans. With them you can safely wear a bright turtleneck with a print. By the way, you can choose a model of any style and style: straight classic jeans, "bananas" or "pipes", "boyfriends" and so on. Experiment!
  • Shorts.They are also perfectly combined with a turtleneck. In winter, late autumn and early spring it is better to wear tight tights under them.
  • Skirts. It can be a strict and sexy pencil skirt, a romantic skirt-sun, an unusual tulip skirt, a wrap skirt, a year skirt, a feminine skirt on the floor, a pleated skirt or a short skirt.
  • In the cold season, a turtleneck can be combined with a dress. But this dress must have short sleeves. In addition, the neck of the turtleneck must be fully opened.
  • If you choose a turtleneck dress, then wear leggings under it.
  • The turtleneck is also combined with various sundresses.


For office

Turtleneck will be combined with almost any outer clothing:

  • Leather jackets, with both fitted and elegant, as well as coarse leather jackets with rivets and straps.
  • Coat is absolutely any model.
  • You can safely put on the sweatshirt jackets and blazers.
  • In the beginning of autumn or at the end of spring, you can wear a knitted or wool cardigan on a turtleneck.
  • Prefer sporty style? Then wear a bomber jacket.
  • On the turtleneck you can wear a vest (both a strict office and free jeans).
  • Wear a fur vest.
  • Bolero will do as well.
  • As for winter outerwear, you can wear both a down jacket and a mink coat with a turtleneck.

Shoe selection


  • Wearing a turtleneck with a skirt, be sure to pick up the pumps. In this case, elegant heels will be appropriate.
  • Wearing a turtleneck with jeans, you can choose sneakers, ballet flats, boots with wide tops on a steady heel or flat sole, ankle boots or shoes.
  • If you're wearing a turtleneck with dress pants, wear ankle boots or shoes.



Since the turtleneck is not the brightest and most noticeable element of clothing, accessories are simply necessary. Several variants:

  • Look great with turtlenecks large pendants with stones on long chains.
  • Put on large beads.
  • For the party pick up a chic necklace with sparkling stones (they should stand out against the background of the turtleneck, so choose contrasting and bright tones).
  • Throw a scarf over the neck. But he should not close the neck completely.
  • Pick up a handbag: a clutch bag, a shopper, an envelope or a bag-briefcase.
  • It is possible to emphasize a waist by means of a thong, safely wear it.You can play with color contrasts, as the belt must certainly stand out.

Some tips


Useful tips:

  1. Do not turn the gates of the turtleneck, it looks ridiculous.
  2. It is best to choose a turtleneck with sleeves without cuffs and other details. In this case, you can raise them to the level of the elbow, and it will look stylish.
  3. Remember that a bra can stand out under a turtleneck, so choose the right size.

Be sure to purchase such a universal thing as a turtleneck and create some interesting images!

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