Tsipao - an original dress for girls

Europe is experiencing a real boom of Asian style: in fashion, food, philosophy. Mysterious Asia is gradually getting closer, revealing its secrets. Recently, among fashionistas have become very relevant outfits in the national style of different countries. It looks quite original and unusual, arresting interested views of others and forcing them to admire correctly and competently composed bow.

Today we will talk about the Chinese dress qipao.

A bit of history

In English, its name sounds like "chongsam." This item of clothing appeared at the beginning of the 17th century, during the rule of the Qing dynasty in China. At first, chongsam was sewn from two pieces of fabric, with cuts on the sides for easy walking.

But this outfit could be afforded only by rich women, and it was in fact a demonstration of belonging to the higher classes. Literally, “chongsam” means “robe of the famous”.

Over time, this clothing has become a national dress of Chinese women, called "zingpao."They began to sew it from a solid piece of natural and very expensive silk. The style was unsurpassed. Practically completely hiding the entire female body (only brushes, feet and head were open), the Chongsams perfectly and skilfully emphasized all the curves.

The 20th century was the time of penetration of European trends in the Asian continent. And since that time, zingao has changed somewhat. The length began to vary, and the sleeves gradually shortened. The collar-stoechka, which once tightly closed his neck, became more elegant and free.

The outfit was chosen by all segments of the female population (it finally became available), and soon it was with pleasure borrowed and European fashionista.

Modern tendencies

Today, chongsam dresses can be found in chic options for special occasions, and as an element of home wear. Models "on an output" sew, as a rule, from brocade, an atlas of different density, silk, velor. That is, materials that look quite rich.

But since the cut of such clothes is rather non-standard, then not all women can afford it, due to the peculiarities of the figure. Who exactly would suit such a dress?

Slender girls, with a type of hourglass figure. This is the perfect option. The rest should competently select the length, finish and fabric.

For example, long tsipao are contraindicated for girls of short stature, although they look very authentic, they shorten growth even more.

For broad-shouldered women, it is better to give up silk and brocade, keeping their shape (such girls are thin to visually make the volumes more “appetizing”), in favor of soft fabrics like silk.

The rack should be as low as possible if the woman has a short neck and higher if she has a long neck.

Those whom nature has awarded with a magnificent breast, can emphasize this dignity, wearing a plain-colored cheongsam dress.

For summer parties, it is better to choose silk models, which will give a pleasant coolness and not stick to the body, satin and velor are suitable for the cold season.

Perfect combination

But in order for a tsipao to look as harmonious as possible, it is important not only to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, but also to know what to wear with it. Here are some important tips:

  1. Body-colored tights. If this is a solemn event, you can not do without them.After all, bare legs - this, at least, is not ethical. It is necessary to select the thinnest version, as close as possible to skin color. If this is a casual summer dress, then you can do without tights.
  2. Shoes - classic. Chongsam is quite an original outfit, because shoes should not distract attention from him. Boats on a heel of medium height will be a wonderful addition.
  3. Accessories. Since in tsipao there is a collar-stoechka, ornaments on the neck will be inappropriate. Earrings should not be long, and the bracelet should be in harmony in color with a touch of clothing. A small clutch completing a fashionable bow will look stylish and neat.

If you want to see the real beauty, look at the Chinese dress, the residents of the Middle Kingdom say so. And if you want to join the Asian fashion, buy it for yourself, we say. Be beautiful!

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