Treason husband treason wife

Further, according to the plot, the question was posed: And for what reason did the husband have the right to treason, whereas his lawful half should be like Caesar's wife - beyond suspicion? Moreover, none of the men gave a more or less intelligible answer. Only not very clear excuses are said, “the wife is the keeper of the home”, or “I must be sure that these children are mine”. In short - not convincing. Women had a slightly different opinion on this matter, they argued a lot, tried to argue, but most of them agreed that “my wife would not change a good husband”. However, this is after all in France ... And even then - in the cinema ...


In fact, not even the most loving couple are insured against adultery. Indeed, many cases of infidelity result only from the fact that a man is looking for a Woman in all women, and that, in turn, is trying to find all Men - in one. She wants her husband to be smart, athletic, sensitive, artistic, understanding, hard-working and sociable Marlon Brando with DiCaprio's eyes and someone's charming smile.For a moment, all this idealized being merges with the beloved and is fully identified with it. Agree that the "epiphany" will not be long in coming. And the man, in fact, having entered into a relationship with the one in which, as it seems to him, there is some part of the Beautiful Lady, still does not find the whole image in his wife. His passion makes change, that is, “saddle a horse” and re-embark on her quest.


Then the husband will be guilty of making excuses, that he himself does not know how betrayal of his wife could have happened, which found “some kind of eclipse”. My wife, in a similar situation, would also drop her eyes and say that “why did I change my husband — not otherwise, the devil made a mess.” But all this will follow only after the fact of betrayal becomes apparent to the partner. “To admit or not to admit” - the majority of husbands do not suffer from this dilemma, and are not going to suffer. Even caught in a strange bed, they will unlock the last, inventing dozens of ridiculous and absurd excuses. But those who have changed their wives, on the contrary, often feel remorse.

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