Top 10 movies in the art house genre

Arthouse - a genre that is not designed for a wide audience. But some films made in this genre, not only deserve attention, but also make you think, and sometimes just blow up your imagination. Want to be surprised? Find out which of these paintings are the best.

Best arthouse paintings

We bring to your attention the best films in the genre of art house:

1. "The Dead". In the story, the main character, William Blake (played by the unique Johnny Depp), who is a simple accountant, after his parents' death, moves to the Wild West in order to find work and continue his modest life. The young man does not get a job, but he kills a man and gets shot in the chest.

Dead man

Fortunately, in the way of William there is an Indian named Nobody who takes the young man for his beloved poet and nurses him with the help of his potions. As a result, Blake woke up and felt strength in his body, but he was rewarded for his head because of the charge of murder.

No one and William are hiding from the three thugs sent for Blake.William himself suddenly discovers that he is incredibly strong, clever and cunning. And yet he is hurt. By this time, Nobody and Blake get to a God-forgotten tribe, whose leader agrees to escort William on his last journey. The dying Blake hears two shots, one of which was intended for his Indian friend.

2. The list includes the movie "Dogville".Events unfold in the 30s of the last century. A young and attractive girl, Grace, fleeing from the gangsters, falls into the Rocky Mountains and finds herself in a tiny, forgotten and God-neglected town called Dogville, which has only 7 children and 15 adults.


One of the residents agrees to shelter Grace, but the other residents are hostile. The girl has to work for the inhabitants of the town. At first she does a simple job and even gets paid, then in the end, because of the cruelty and greed of the people of Dogville, she literally turns into a slave. Grace realizes that she was in the lair of the sadists and begins to take revenge.

3. “A Clockwork Orange”. The film was shot in 1971, it tells about the evils of modern society and about the most disgusting qualities of a person.In the story, the main character is a dysfunctional teenager Alex, who rapes girls, mocks people and kills them and listens to classical music. At one point friends betray Alex, and he is in prison.

Clockwork Orange

There, in return for his freedom, he is offered a course of treatment. The experimental method was to suppress the desire for violence in a teenager, but after leaving prison, Alex becomes a real monster. The victims begin to take revenge on the young man, and the side effects of the treatment make him throw himself out of the window. The guy survives, but his essence does not change. This film with elements of violence, so it's not particularly impressive to watch it.

4. "Head against the wall". The painting is dedicated to the Turks who emigrated to Germany. In the story, a 40-year-old Turk Jahit, after his wife’s death, tries to forget about the past and get rid of everything Turkish, but as a result he gets drunk and begins to use drugs. After the accident, the man miraculously remains alive. The second heroine is the twenty-year-old Sibel.

Head on the wall

She is trying to hide from the care of conservative Turkish parents and begin to live a normal interesting life.The girl even tries to commit suicide, but she goes to the hospital and there she meets Jahit. In order to escape from her parents and, finally, to escape from under their care, the girl offers a fake marriage to her new friend. But over time, friendship grows into love.

Jahit accidentally goes to jail, Sibel leaves, and the ways of lovers diverge. But the man after liberation decides to find a wife. Sibel is to make a choice that will be very, very difficult.

5. The Green Elephant. If you like Russian author's films, appreciate this picture. In the story, the two main characters serve in the army and fall into the guard building for offense. Both punished - junior lieutenants. Once in a confined space, the soldiers begin to discuss social problems, talk about the psychology of people and dive into current topics.

Green elephant

But one of the lieutenants begins to talk about how stormy his youth was. And the stories of life seem to the "cellmate" so nasty that he becomes enraged. The film is so replete with scenes that plunge into shock and manifestations of aggression and sometimes wild madness, which, naturally, was not allowed to show the picture.But this did not prevent the director from receiving several awards for his “brainchild”.

6. "Acid House"- a real classic of art house cinema. The basis of the film were the stories of Irwin Welch. The picture consists of three independent parts. Each of them is a wild story about how drug addiction can explode imagination. In the first story, the protagonist throws a girl, her parents are kicked out of the house and they are expelled from the football team.

Acid house

For the sins of God, who turns out to be a drunk from the pub, turns the guy into a fly. In the second story, the wife of the mummy and henpecked settles on the second floor of his own house with a bandit. The third story is about a hooligan who, after taking LSD, finds himself in the body of a newborn child from a wealthy family.

7. "Coffee and cigarettes"- This is a whole collection of eleven parts, each of which is a short black-and-white film. The director worked on the picture for about seventeen years, and such famous actors as Bill Murray, Steve Buscemi, Cate Blanchett and others starred in the film.

Coffee and Cigarettes

In each part, there are invariably cigarettes and coffee, which unite people after conversations and make them know each other better.Heroes tell fascinating and sometimes crazy stories, share secrets and argue with each other. Simply, boldly, briefly, but very interesting and fascinating.

8. "The sky over Berlin". On the wall divided by Berlin, many invisible angels fly. Two of them - Cassiel and Damiel, who are the main characters of the picture, read the thoughts of ordinary mortals and sometimes envy their recklessness, passion and secret desires. The angels themselves are immortal, but in their world there is only thought and spirit, sensations and feelings are alien to them.

Sky over berlin

Damiel falls in love with the terrestrial beauty Marion, who works in a circus acrobat. The love of the angel is so strong that he is ready to give up immortality and life in heaven, choosing an earthly existence in which there are so many emotions, imperfections, sins and weaknesses. A little crazy, but romantic love story of a mere mortal and an angel.

9.The top includes a movie"Pianist". Erica is a forty-year-old pianist, who is a professor at the Vienna Conservatory. She is confident that she has unique knowledge in the field of music. But in fact, Erica is a real monster of the modern world, in whose head complexes, envy, vulgarity and secret desires swarm.


All this woman hides from all. But one day a young student meets her.When the young man tried to capture Erica, she humiliated him and even provided a list of erotic desires. The amazed young man learns that the teacher has sadistic inclinations, and she has a whole arsenal of sadomasochistic subjects at home.

10. “Time”. Si-hee girl and boyfriend Ji-woo have been dating for two years now. But Si-Hee is so jealous of his lover, which constantly arranges scenes of jealousy. As a result, the guy is so tired of the second half that he can make love to her only after she proposes to introduce another woman.


Si-He wants to keep Ji-Wu and thinks how to surprise his lover. How to make Zhi-Wu stay close, but experience new emotions? Plastic surgery can help in this. But how to recognize a girl in a crowd?

The plots of all the films listed are surprising, amazing and sometimes thought-provoking. But such pictures are worth watching!

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