Top 10 most terrible mystical places in the world

There are so many mysterious, unknown and terrible things in our world that defy any explanation. And attempts to investigate existing secrets often end sadly and tragically. And today we will lead our story about places that still cause people to have sacred horror and fear.

Winchester House

The most terrible places on earth
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This house with an eerie and complex architectural structure is located in the city of San Jose, in the territory of California (USA). Among the locals, he deservedly enjoys notoriety, they are trying to avoid him. What can not be said about the thousands of tourists, just eager to get acquainted with its terrible history and want to tickle your nerves. Winchester House was built over 30 years and each time at the whim of the future owner has undergone any changes. On this venture, Sarah Winchester spent almost all the huge fortune that her father-in-law made - the creator of the famous brand of weapons. After all, it is well known that his offspring, the Winchester rifle conquered the West and played a decisive role in the outcome of the American Civil War.Then Oliver, thanks to lucrative contracts with the government, became one of the richest people in America. However, fabulous money does not always bring happiness and peace in the family. First, the father-in-law dies, then the daughter Sarah Annie, who has lived in this world for several months. And after five years, the husband of a young woman, William, passes away. Shocked by the loss of loved ones, Sarah Winchester, who almost lost her mind, appeals for help to a medium. And the fortune-teller, without further ado, tells her that the famous and ill-fated rifle is to blame for all the troubles, and many people died because of it. For this reason, the Winchester family is cursed. And on the advice of a medium, Sarah is heading west, to San Jose, on the trail, as the fortune-teller assured her, of the ghost of her husband. It is here that soon she will build the famous multi-storey "trap" for the evil spirits who pursue her family and do not leave Sarah alone on moonlit nights. The project of the house, all the details of the woman was herself, drawing future sketches on napkins. For some reason, Sarah Winchester did not like architects ...

I must say that everything in the rebuilt Winchester house is unusual and strange.For example, there was a specialized room where Sarah consulted with spirits and where no one dared to enter. The house had 40 stairs that did not lead anywhere, but only rested against the ceiling. In one of the rooms, the window was in the floor (by the way, designers will adopt this innovation). Almost all bathrooms had glass doors. And everywhere, knowing the number of buildings, the figure "13" appeared. That was how many windows in the rooms, stairs on the stairs. Therefore, the Winchester house resembled a kind of intricate, mystic-filled labyrinth. And tourists were forbidden to walk around his rooms without a guide: there was a danger of getting injured or getting lost.

About the madness of Sarah Winchester, the bizarre character of a woman could not stop talking even after her death. But how can Sarah’s very sensible and noble deeds be explained? She, for example, donated $ 2 million to build a hospital in Connecticut. She also grew plums and apricots on forty hectares of land and sent them to European markets in a dried form. Add here her extraordinary talent of the architect who created such a house.

Winchester House, its sinister look and unsolved mysteries could not help but attract the attention of creative people. Too great was the temptation to capture your impressions in a novel or in a film. It is therefore not surprising that Stephen King wrote the script for the mini-series The Scarlet Rose Mansion and filmed The Ghosts of Winchester House.

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