Top 10 most expensive films in recent years

A good movie is an incredible and simply amazing sight. But in order for it to become such, you need to invest a considerable amount of money in the shooting. And which films can be called the most expensive and expensive?

Most expensive movies

We offer you the top 10 most expensive films in the world:

1. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". This film is a film version of the sixth book by JK Rowling. Why is the picture so expensive? First, it was necessary to pay a lot of young actors. Their fees, of course, are unknown, but if you believe the rumors, the bill goes to millions of pounds (not in vain, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe were included in the lists of the most highly paid stars). Secondly, the main scenes were filmed in the south of England at the film studio "Leavesden Studios".

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

But the episodes in which there was snow, had to shoot in the North of Scotland. And, of course, to transport the entire crew is very unprofitable. And, thirdly, the cost of production and shooting - this is not all.

A lot of money was spent on advertising.But all investments were justified and were paid off with interest, since the film had already collected more than 50 million dollars for the first day of hire. And all fans of the "Potter" for the masterpiece posted for the entire time of the film distribution about 930 million dollars. The cost of the shooting amounted to about $ 250 million.

2. "John Carter"- a fantastic and incredibly beautiful story of a man who found himself on Mars and met with exotic monsters. Shooting at the studio lasted for 4 months, then all the actors and film crew moved to the state of Utah, in which there are many gorgeous landscapes.

John Carter

And although there were a lot of special effects in the film, the directors wanted to make the most of it and show the wildlife. By the way, sometimes everyone had to work in extremely unfavorable conditions at temperatures above 50 degrees, so sometimes 1400 liters of water were spent per day. Costs amounted to about 250 million dollars, advertising expenses exceeded 120 million. But the charges were not so big, so the Disney film studio suffered huge losses.

3. "Spiderman 3". It would seem that the story is simple, but there were a lot of special effects in this film. That there is only one costume of the protagonist, his jumping and spider web flying out of his fingers.By the way, boxer Baxter Hamby managed to visit him in a Spider-Man costume.

Spiderman 3

He does not have one hand, and it was to her that he carried the blows. And the sandman's fist was then made with the help of computer programs. The costs, of course, were simply huge (more than $ 250 million). But literally on the first weekend, the blockbuster paid off completely and collected an unreal amount - as much as $ 375 million.

4. “The Dark Knight: The Revival of a Legend”. This film is so costly is no accident. Firstly, the shooting was carried out in more than 30 different places in the world. So, the actors and film crew sat down to visit Scotland, Italy and even in India. Secondly, the cast is simply amazing with its “stellarity”, because the film shot the most famous, highly paid and popular actors (the fee of one Christian Bale was about $ 15 million).

Dark Knight Legend Rebirth

Thirdly, the costume of the protagonist, which consisted of 110 separate parts, which were to be combined into a single stunning design, was incredibly complex and, of course, expensive. About a quarter of a billion dollars was spent on all this, but the amount of box-office fees exceeded expenses by more than 4 times.

5. “Rapunzel: a tangled story”. And let it be just a cartoon, but the costs of its preparation were not childish at all and amounted to about 260 million dollars. By the way, the animated film became the fiftieth anniversary in the list of the Disney company. Earlier in the history of animation, no one has ever created such large-scale hairstyles, because the length of the hair of a girl who, with the help of her braid, saved other characters in the painting, was 21 meters.


The film crew had to animate about 147 models of a different structure to create a realistic spit. A total of about 140 thousand individual strands. As the creators of the cartoon noted, they managed to combine the traditional Disney drawings with modern ZD technologies. Profit, by the way, amounted to about 590 million dollars, which is not so little.

6. “Avatar”- This is a grand and legendary film by James Cameron. The director has been nurturing his idea for more than 10 years and promised to make a real breakthrough in the history of computer graphics. And he undoubtedly succeeded. Remember all these incredibly beautiful landscapes of the planet Pandora, which only costs one tree with an incredible number of branches.


At all,computer graphics take up about 60% of the total length of the film, but the technology to capture the emotions of the characters allowed to convey all the feelings and experiences of the main characters and make the viewer believe in the existence of another world.

And all the efforts and costs, which amounted to about $ 280 million, were not in vain. The picture became the winner in three nominations of the Oscar, and also collected for the entire period of film distribution a fabulous sum equal to 2 billion 282 million dollars.

7. “Superman Returns”. Shooting was planned to begin in the last century, and the main role was to be removed Nicolas Cage. But the picture came out only in 2006, and about $ 270 million was spent on the shooting.

Superman Returns

But the box office expectations did not justify, the amount of them was about 390 million dollars. For the filming, modern cameras were used, which made it possible to obtain about 1,400 different visual effects that amaze the imagination.

8. "Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides". Critics did not give the film the highest marks, but this did not prevent them from earning a considerable profit, the amount of which was about 1 billion dollars.

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

Popular and talented Johnny Depp, by the way, agreed to the main role and was approved for it even before the final approval of the script. The story of pirates and non-existent fairy-tale characters is controversial and sometimes frightening and worrying, and probably this is what the viewer hooked on. In addition, the special effects, which also spent a lot of money, are also impressive. And about 100 million dollars had to be paid for advertising.

9. The Lonely Rangerwas declared as an unusual story about the adventures of the Lone Ranger and the Indian Tonto. Shooting had to be carried out in two stages, because sometimes they simply did not have enough money. First, a lot of money had to be paid to iconic actors: Army Hammer and Johnny Depp.

The lone ranger

Secondly, over $ 100 million was spent on advertising. But even such a large-scale preparation and elegant acting game did not help to get more profit. The amount of box office fees was only 261 million, which is very small for such a large-scale project.

10. “Pirates of the Caribbean: At the End of the World”- The third part of the cycle "Pirates of the Caribbean". This picture can be safely called the most expensive in the history of Hollywood.It was spent about 300 million, and received about 1 billion. It affects not only the game of actors, but also special effects. In general, the funds were spent not in vain.

 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Now you know what films have been spent on the most fabulous sums.

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