Top 10 best TV shows of 2014

If you like TV shows, then you will certainly be interested to know which of them are considered the most interesting.

So, the top 10 most popular and favorite TV series of 2014:

1. "House of Cards". The first season of this series was released in 2013, and in 2014 the world saw a no less interesting and intriguing second season. At first it may seem that this creation will appeal only to people interested in politics, and also respecting the United States. But in fact, literally from the first minutes of the series attracts the attention of almost everyone, because each series is a new intrigue.

House of cards

Charismatic and talented Kevin Spacey plays the role of an ambitious and purposeful congressman of the Democratic Party, Frank Underwood. He helps his colleague Garrett Walker to become president in exchange for the position of US Secretary of State.

Elections are held, but Frank never gets the desired position. He and his wife decide to take revenge on Garrett and begin to wage a merciless, insidious and very cruel war.Will the presidential administration succeed in confronting one who does not hold high ranks, but a very clever and very offended person?

2. "Orange is the hit of the season". This is a series about the difficult and full of difficulties in the women's prison, based on the autobiographical history of Piper Kerman. The main heroine was happy about life and never thought about the fact that everything can change. She lives in Connecticut, regularly takes shower in the morning, likes beautiful breakfasts and men. And it was the love of men who played Piper a cruel joke.

Orange is the hit of the season

She seriously got involved in a large drug dealer and decided to help him smuggle drugs. But the servants of the law are always on the alert, and therefore the reckless actions of the desperate girl do not go unpunished.

And although the term of imprisonment is relatively small (only 15 months), Piper is very difficult to give up all the blessings of life and to exchange comfort for a prison cell and strict laws. She will have to survive in this new environment. But she is not alone, and some individuals are painfully familiar.

3. "Game of Thrones". This series was released in 2011, but in 2014 attracted the attention of many.No wonder, because this fantasy drama tells about an extraordinary world with its secrets, peripeteias and intrigues. The action takes place in a fictional world that somehow resembles medieval Europe.

Game of Thrones

But all seasons last here not a few months, but several years. Several stories are described at once, the plot lines of which are connected with each other. So, one tells about the Order, which is close to decay, but still tries to protect the ancient Wall, located in the northern part of the country. Because of this wall, evil is about to burst in, and it must be stopped. The second story tells of the insidious and brutal struggle of several families for the throne.

The third story is about a princess who was expelled, but travels and is looking for allies to return to her homeland and start a new life. Interesting characters and even fantastic creatures appear in the series, which make the plot even more fascinating. In addition, the authors touched upon such interesting and relevant topics as religion, politics, crime and the law, as well as the status of women in society.

4. "Madmen"- one of the best serials. Its premiere took place in 2007, and in 2014 the first part of the last seventh season came out. And each part was in its own way unusual, fascinating and interesting.The action takes place in the 60s of the last century in the United States of America.


In the center of the story is the advertising agency Sterling-Cooper, which is located in the prestigious area of ​​New York - on Madison Avenue. The life of the head of this company and his colleagues is full of surprises and surprises, it literally boils.

They all strive for a different, more luxurious and at the same time easy life. But all these poor people feel such inner emptiness that they call themselves insane. The series also touches other burning topics, such as addictions, betrayals, homophobia, racism, the emancipation of women and some others.

5. "The top of the lake"- an unusual and fascinating series, which premiered in Russia in 2014. According to the story, twelve-year-old girl Tui Mitcham, who is on the fifth month of pregnancy, enters an ice lake and suddenly disappears. The case of the loss entrust returning to his hometown Robin Griffin. But as it turned out, the disappearance of a girl is not a simple story about the disappearance.

Top of the lake

In this almost forgotten by God and very picturesque place there is some ancient Evil.In the beautiful small town of New Zealand it is difficult to achieve something without deceiving. And all who come here in search of happiness and a better life, find only sorrow and evil. Detective Robin will not only find the missing girl, but remember his long-forgotten past and those who would not like to be remembered.

6. “Stop and burn”. The premiere of this series took place in 2014. I managed to leave only one season, which consisted of 10 episodes, but the creators had already planned the release of the second, since the first was perceived by many with enthusiasm. In the center of the story is the history of the revolutionary, new and young high-tech industry of the 80s of last century.

Stop and burn

A year after IBM presented its first innovative IBM PC product to the world, one of the employees who left the company is trying to develop their own unique computer that is not like the first. The history of the real computer boom and breakthrough in the field of high technologies is told on behalf of the real genius and dreamer, whose aspirations came across the real giants of that time.

7. “Hannibal”. The premiere of this series took place in 2013, the first season consisted of 13 episodes.The second part was released in 2014 and also consisted of 13 episodes. And given the popularity of this creation, we can safely say that the third season will be released absolutely for sure. Will Graham is an experienced and talented profiler who knows how to recognize lies without any tools and detectors, works for the FBI and searches for a serial killer-maniac.


The unique train of Will's thoughts helps him literally to penetrate into the consciousness of any person and not only to find out what he thinks about, but also to find out what is pushing him towards certain actions. But Graham's maniac turns out to be too clever, and his thoughts are inaccessible. And then the guy turns for help to the world-famous psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He helps Will not only complete the task, but also to cope with his own psychological trauma.

8. The series "Collapse"was released in 2013, and in 2014 the world saw its second season. This creation can be called a grandiose and full return to the big screen Gillian Andersen, which after filming in the legendary "X-Files" for a long time remained in the shadows.


In the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland, a serial killer is operating,which keeps the whole population in awe. Tracking down and catching a maniac is entrusted to Stella Gibson, whose role is played by Gillian Andersen. This cold woman seems to treat with disdain for everything and everyone, but in reality she just throws away all emotions and trusts only instincts. And it helps her. Stella first finds out the methods and motives of the serial killer, and then gradually attacks its mark.

9. "Correct mistakes". The second season of this series was released in 2014 and interested spectators no less than the first. The protagonist Daniel dreamed of a normal life, but all his dreams collapsed overnight. The guy was convicted for the murder and rape of his girlfriend and sentenced to death.

Correct mistakes

For a long twenty years he lived and knew that he did not have a future. From a young ambitious guy, he turned into an unsociable man. But after finding out new circumstances and proving Daniel's innocence, they are released. Life has changed, and all relatives have reconciled with the absence of the protagonist. He has to start life from scratch.

10. “Murder”. The series tells about one murder and at once about three views on it. The first - the thoughts of detectives, who are charged with this case.The second is the thoughts of the relatives of the deceased, heartbroken. The third is the speculation of the family of the main suspect. But also the series touches on the life of politicians and their relationship to murder. And in the end it turns out that all the accidents are not at all accidental. And the past does not want to leave all participants in the events.


These were the most interesting series of 2014.

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