Top 10 best movies about time

Time is inexorable and surprising. Many have tried to change it, but so far no one has succeeded. But a lot of interesting films were shot about it. And which ones are the best and exciting?

So, the top 10 most interesting films about time:

  1. "12 monkeys". The future was not as bright as many imagined it. The majority of the world's population died from a strange deadly virus, the rest went underground. In 2035 to go to the surface is extremely dangerous, because you can either get infected, or become a victim of incomprehensible creatures. But scientists are trying to find a clue to start a new life. Volunteers from among the criminals are sent to Earth. Such a mission falls to James Cole. Fortunately, the hero managed to return from a dangerous "walk." But now he has another task: to go to the distant past and find the culprit of the disaster, that is, the one who spread the virus. But in 1996 a lot of surprises awaited him. But the truth will be unexpected and will surprise many.
  2. "Patrol time". This film is fascinating and makes you think, so it’s definitely worth seeing. Events unfold in the future. Scientists, after numerous unsuccessful attempts, finally managed to invent and build a time machine. And now justice has entered a new stage, since there is a unique opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and prevent not only crimes, but also catastrophes. And for this were selected the best, persistent, strong and intelligent police. The time patrol works well and smoothly, but sometimes there are misses. The protagonist has already revealed many crimes and received, perhaps, the most important and complex crime. He must save the whole city. But is it possible if the offender is as cunning as the patrol agent?
  3. Interstellar. Drought can lead to a food disaster and the extinction of all humanity on Earth. We urgently need to do something. And scientists decide to do something incredible that simply defies the human mind. Researchers believe that in space there are certain "wormholes" that are in fact spatio-temporal tunnels and allow you to travel to other and unknown worlds,as well as at other times. And the first in such a trip should go the father of two children and engineer Cooper. The task is incredibly complex, but this is the only way to save humanity. But can a hero, hitting another dimension, come back and bring something very important to humanity?
  4. "Edge of the Future". In the not too distant future, the Earth is in danger. An alien race has invaded the space of the planet, and its representatives are hostile and plan to simply destroy all of humanity. Even the strongest soldiers can not resist the enemies. In one of the battles, Major William Kage is killed. It would seem that his story is over, but something unreal is happening: he falls into the so-called time loop. Time after time, he lives his life until his death, but every time comes to life. At first, he believes that he has lost his mind, and many consider him as such. But then William meets a girl with the same abilities. Together they begin to move further and further to the solution. Will they be able to win and save the world?
  5. "The Time Traveler's Wife". This film also deserves attention and is included in the list.When they met, he was thirty-six years old, and she was a six-year-old child. And when they decided to tie up their destinies and get married, she turned twenty-three, and he was thirty-one. Something is wrong, right? And it's all about the genetic abnormality that he suffers. He travels through time and therefore can disappear from her life at any moment. Being a time traveler is not easy, but his wife is even more difficult. Indeed, at any time the husband can not only disappear, but also die. But her expectation does not frighten her.
  6. "Source". A soldier named Coulter, who had only recently served in the US Army, finds himself in a difficult situation. He finds himself in the body of an unfamiliar man and suddenly dies in a train accident. And this happens several times. And you have to die again and again, because Coulter is on a mission. He must do everything in order to find a criminal eight minutes before the explosion and neutralize the bomb. The task is incredibly difficult. Is it possible to change what has already happened?
  7. "Back to the Future". This is an old, but very interesting film. The protagonist of a high school student Marty McFly is the most common teenager.He goes to classes, enjoys music and skateboard. His friend Emmet Brown is a scientist. He considers himself a genius, but for everyone is a real madman. One day Marty learns that Emmett invented the time machine. It looks like a car, but if you accelerate on it, you can be in the past. And it was there that accidentally got McFly. He met his still very young parents and a scientist who does not yet know what he can achieve. But there is no fuel for the return journey. Can Emmett help Marty to return, if he doesn’t even believe in the existence of a time machine?
  8. "Time loop". When time travel became possible due to the unique invention of one genius, life was divided into two parts. Events unfold in two different realities: in the present 2044 and in the future and not yet come 2074. These two worlds are completely opposite. One is imperfect, but in it everything goes on as usual. The other was created by a large corporation that decided to exercise control over the entire population of the planet. In 2074, this control reached such proportions that all those who disagreed with the rules were sent into the past, where professional killers Seth and Joe were killed.And everything would continue in the same way, but one fine day the murderers understand that they must take the lives of themselves, sent by the despotic government from the future for some misdeeds. How will Joe and Seth go? Will perform the order or go against the system?
  9. "Lake house"- an incredibly touching film about love, timeless. In the winter of 2006, Kate Forester decides to leave her beloved home with huge windows and move. In the mailbox, she leaves a letter to the new owner, and he answers her. Architect Alex Wyler is talented and clever and sees the house not the way Kate describes it, because his father built a hero. In the process of correspondence, the girl falls in love with her interlocutor and decides to make an appointment with him. But suddenly it turns out that her interlocutor lives in 2004, that is, in the past. And these two are connected only by a mysterious mailbox, which turned out to be a bridge through time. Gradually the feelings grow stronger, and the lovers are ready to do everything to meet. Let this happen not now, but their court
  10. You must cross. He reserves a table two years before they meet, but does not come to see him. What happened? Are Alex and Kate to be together?
  11. Listing the best films about time, you can not ignore the picture"Deja Vu". The phenomenon of deja vu is familiar to many. Sometimes it seems that what we see once happened to us. But how is this possible? What is it: the tricks of our brain, subjective feelings, greetings from the future, or some sign from the past? Perhaps, in this state there is a key to the secrets of the future, who knows. Agent Doug Carlin was able to fully experience the effect of déjà vu on himself. He witnesses an explosion on a ferry that killed hundreds of people. But he was more surprised by the woman’s call. He does not know her, but she seems so familiar to him. And a few minutes before the explosion, the hero discovers her on the shore, and dead. And then Dag decides to start his own investigation and learns about the secret organization and its secret project "Snow White". Is time travel real now? The hero can not believe it.
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