Top 10 Best Gifts for a Photographer

If someone from your friends or relatives is fond of photography, no matter at a professional or amateur level, then you are very lucky, because you don’t have to worry about what to give him for the holiday.

The photographer will always find the necessary and important trivia, accessories and gadgets that they will be happy to see as a gift. There are many options, the list can start with unusual flash drives in the form of a camera, ending with good SLR cameras, naturally, the choice will depend on the real budget, because it's no secret that such hobbies can be very expensive.

And we will begin our top 10 not with the best gift for the photographer, but with good advice: try to avoid presents in the form of photographic equipment, especially if you know perfectly well that you are absolutely not competent in the photo session.

In particular, if the object of your attention is a good professional who understands this or that device to the smallest detail and subtleties.Believe me, he will painstakingly try to find out exactly what is most suitable for him, to read out recommendations and to consider all aspects of the issue, and therefore, it can be very frustrating if you gave him that device that does not suit him at all.

If you are still confident in your knowledge, or you can enlist someone’s help, then perhaps photographic equipment will be the perfect gift.

  1. Gift certificates and master classes

So, what's interesting to give a photographer? A gift certificate is a universal gift, which can be a pass for interesting master classes, courses, field classes or a certificate for a certain amount of money, which can be spent exclusively in a photo-shop.

Beginners can benefit from certificates for courses or training sessions, but for advanced photographers it will always be interesting to visit master classes of some famous photographers.

  1. Book

It’s not for nothing that the book is the best gift. Now, of course, many books about photography are published, the problem is that most of them can be beautiful outside, but completely useless inside, especially for those who have already learned the basics.

However, there are also very curious and useful publications, these include the series of books by Michael Freeman, the publication of Sergei Doli, and an interesting book with the most beautiful illustrations The World through the Eyes of a Blogger.

  1. Photo Storage Devices

Another, very versatile gift for any holiday, which may vary in the degree of financial costs. Everyone knows that photographers, over time, accumulate a huge photo archive, which needs to be stored somewhere, and sometimes even duplicated somewhere.

You can start with an ordinary SD card, the choice of which you need to focus on the speed of data transfer: it should be the maximum. As an option, a flash drive, preferably a large volume - 32 GB or 64 GB. Even better - an external hard drive, which can be very convenient for frequent trips and travels.

  1. Matrix cleaner

Not the most expensive, but very important device. If your friend takes photographs often and in large quantities, such a gift will be incredibly relevant for him. The main thing when choosing to be careful and not to accidentally buy a fake, and then, as a result, you can spoil the lens.

  1. Reflector

Another, very budget, but wonderful tool, which needs any, a little bit, a interested photographer.

Reflectors are universal, they can be used in different situations, they have a rounded shape and can have several coating options. It is better to choose reflectors of a larger diameter, at least 80 cm and higher.

  1. Tripod

There is no need to tell a good photographer about the usefulness of such a device, because there are a number of situations in which it is impossible to capture good shots without a tripod.

If your friend claims that he can do without him, then he just never tried shooting with a tripod. The difference is colossal, so a tripod is always a good surprise for a birthday or any other holiday. They are different, ranging from small amateur, to serious professional equipment, which one to choose is up to you.

  1. Macro rings

An excellent device that allows you to turn an ordinary lens into a super macro, without having to spend huge amounts of money and purchase an additional lens.

In particular, this gift is perfect for novice photographers who, as yet, use whale lenses.Macro lenses can be an alternative, however, it is important to know the diameter of the lens used here.

  1. External flash

Such a gift is difficult to attribute to the category of cheap, however, it is especially useful for people who prefer to shoot in the built-in flash mode, again, new opportunities open up for creating unique frames.

It is important to understand what equipment your friend is using (for example, Nikon, Canon), so that, starting from it, you can choose a good external flash, which is suitable for your particular case.

  1. Lenses

If you pick up an expensive gift, you can even dwell on the lens, though, in advance, find out which camera your friend has, and only after that you can search for the desired modification.

For those who are just starting to engage in photography, a relatively inexpensive lens such as a light fix can become a good push - it allows you to create more interesting portraits and also shoot high-quality indoors without a flash. Another more expensive and very interesting option is a fisheye lens. With it, you can create non-standard images in which it turns out to capture the maximum space.

  1. Remote control

The device, which is always a pity for money, however, in a professional photographic department in certain situations is an indispensable thing. With the remote, you can shoot with maximum exposure, for example, night stars and lights, as well as any still lifes or portraits with long exposures.

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