Too much sex and too little - how much?

Research assures that sex is a very useful thing for the body, because it relieves stress, improves mood, boosts metabolism, and also (as you can guess) can perform the functions of physical activity for the body, which is necessary for it every day ... It sounds like an advertisement any magic medication, but what is written in the “Dosage” column in the annotation to it?

Research on the ideal dose of sex in our lives was done by the Kinsey Institute in Indiana, revealing the following rule: 112 to 25 acts of sexual activity per year from 18 to 29 years, and 86 times from 30 to 39 years of age. But in reality this is not at all a “dosage” of sex in a healthy amount, but rather a calculation of the “average temperature in the hospital” in order to compare your sex life with the results of the majority.

It turns out that in the United States to the age of 29, people have sex on average every three days, or more than 2 times a week, and after 30 years this figure drops to once a week

At the same time, both options remain within the norm, if you separately consult with studies of family therapists - they agree in the opinion that in “healthy” relationships, a couple has sex at least 1 or 2 times a week, without specifying the age of couples. Absolutely normal in this therapeutic practice is the fact that we know firsthand the fact that at the initial stage of the relationship, couples have sex much more than at subsequent stages, and the same happens with couples who begin to live together: first, their sexual activity increases , and over time begins to decline.

Too much sex and too little - how much?

As for the conclusions on the topic, when there is too much sex, scientists are guided not by quantity, but by motivation.

For example, you can begin to sound the alarm if sex actually becomes the goal and meaning of life and for its sake you start postponing important things and missing events, and in the absence of sex you feel lonely and sad, even the symptoms of depression

Psychologists also include such behavior aimed at a permanent partner, as a manifestation of dependence - physical and, possibly, moral, which leads to the risk of serious injury when parting with the object of desire.In other words, if you like sex with him so much that you turned off the phone and stopped communicating with the outside world, then there is a chance that you are stuck in earnest.

For women, a hint about when sex has become too much can make their own body: the lubricant in the vagina cannot be developed all the time, so as soon as you feel that it is over, you must either switch to artificial lubricants or take a pause and cool off for some time. Otherwise, excessive sex without moisturizing can lead to microtraumas of the genital organs and inflammation.

Despite the fact that some scientists oppose hypersexuality, or the constant desire for sex, do not officially refer to mental disorders, but only means that a person has an increased interest in sex, which most often turns into a temporary phenomenon. And it is advised to consult a doctor in the case when the Wishlist frankly dragged on and, for the sake of sex, you put your own life in the background.

Too much sex and too little - how much?

And finally, in a conversation about quantity, it is worth mentioning quality. After all, a lot of sex - it means a lot of fun, which meansand many orgasms? In this lies the catch that leads to disagreements in pairs: as soon as sex ceases to bring satisfaction, the signal that its “too much” for one partner comes faster than for another. In this case, there is no better medicine than to be honest with your partner and start a conversation that is not the easiest, but useful conversation on the topic of your sex life.

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