Tips for choosing a suitcase cover

If you travel or go on vacation at least once a year, you probably have a suitcase. To extend its service life and maintain the original appearance will help cover. Learn how to choose this useful accessory.

Why do I need a cover?

What is the suitcase case for? It can perform several functions at once:

  • Protection against dirt and dust. Your faithful companion suitcase will always be clean and beautiful.
  • Prevention of mechanical damage due to shocks, friction on the luggage tape, accidental drops and so on.
  • Extension of service life of the suitcase. If you choose a quality case, it will significantly increase the duration of operation and protect against premature damage due to inaccurate handling.
  • Maintain an attractive appearance. A bright color or pattern on the surface may erase or fade from time to time, but a suitcase will prevent it.
  • Reducing the risk of theft. An attacker who tries to open the suitcase, it will be much more difficult to get into it, because you have to remove the cover, which will increase the time and power costs. The thief, most likely, will simply choose another more vulnerable "prey".
  • Before you place the baggage in a special compartment of the aircraft, you need to pack it, wrapping it around the ribbon (this will prevent accidental opening), but the cover will eliminate this need, since it serves as a kind of reusable packaging.
  • Reduced chance of accidental opening. Surely some travelers faced with an unpleasant situation: in the suitcase there were so many things that he did not close fully and at the most inopportune moment unbuttoned. But in the case of unzipping is unlikely, and even if it happens, things will not fall out.

Determine the size

How to choose a good and, importantly, a suitable bag for a suitcase? First of all, choose the right size. The parameters of different manufacturers may vary slightly, but often there are three options for dimensions:

  1. S is the smallest size that is suitable for small suitcases with a height of not more than 55 centimeters, a width of about 40 cm and a thickness of 24. In inches, this corresponds to 20.
  2. M (M / L) is the average size. It is suitable for a suitcase having a height of 60 to 74-75 cm, a width of 43-50 cm and a thickness of about 27-29. This corresponds to 24 inches.
  3. L (L / XL) - the largest size, and in this case will fit a large capacious suitcase for the whole family, having a height, width and thickness of 75-84, 54-55 and 33-34 cm, respectively.It is 28 inches.

Before you buy a case, arm yourself with a tape measure or a measuring tape and measure the suitcase. If the size of the security accessory is incorrect, it will not perform its functions.

Variety of materials

For the manufacture of covers used various materials:

  • Polyester does not absorb moisture, is practical and durable, has an acceptable cost and can be washed or cleaned.
  • Spandex is often used in combination materials. It has elasticity and perfectly stretches, which makes it easy to put an accessory on the case of the suitcase and just as easily remove it. Spandex is practical and does not require complex care.
  • Neoprene is a modern high-quality synthetic material, which has a porous structure and due to this has a minimum weight. The material is quite elastic and durable, resistant to sudden temperature changes and provides additional shock absorption, protecting the suitcase from shock.
  • You can find models of PVC, but they do not protect the case from mechanical damage and do not differ in strength.

Design features

Be sure to evaluate the design of the cover. First of all, consider the clasp.The optimal and convenient option is the zipper, which will ensure complete closure of the case and its reliable protection. And it is unlikely to accidentally unfasten. In addition, this lock is easy to use, but with frequent and rough operation can quickly fail. Buttons are inconvenient and unreliable, as they can tear off or accidentally unfasten, and fastening will take much longer. The buttons are easier to use, but can also fall off, and damaging the fabric. Velcro is undesirable, because they quickly get clogged with dust and villi and cease to perform their tasks.

Consider the holes for the wheels and side handles. Their number should correspond to the design features of your suitcase, because if there are fewer slots, you simply cannot use the case. As a rule, two or four holes for the wheels are provided. And you should pay attention to where the cover is a place to exit the handle, so that it does not turn out on the other side.

Brand Overview

Consider the most popular and well-known brand covers:

  1. Samsonite is a leader among other brands that has taken a strong position in the market.Products of high quality, made of polyester and is resistant to abrasion, crushing, mechanical damage and water (due to water-repellent impregnation). But since the covers are quite thin, they are unlikely to protect against impacts. Price: from 2500 to 4000 rubles, depending on the size and model.
  2. «Routemark». The brand offers a wide range of covers from spandex, polyester, neoprene. One of the advantages is worth noting the triple high-quality processing of seams, increased strength, the possibility of conventional machine wash and interesting design performance with bright prints. The price is average and varies from 1,5 thousand to 2.
  3. “Fancy Armor” is a Russian brand, under which various accessories for travel and travel are produced. There are standard series and especially durable. For the manufacture of applied spandex or neospan (similar to neoprene). Products are durable and elastic, protect from damage, have different prints and are easy to use. Cost: from 1,5 to 2 thousand rubles.
  4. LOQI is a German brand, and the manufacturer guarantees the absence of harmful substances in the composition, as well as the highest quality products. Covers are made of spandex and polyester, standard sizes.The materials are elastic and durable, they maintain the machine wash in a gentle mode and cool water. Impressive variety of patterns: floral, geometric, urban landscapes, fruit. The price ranges from 1500-2000 rubles.
  5. Mettle is another Russian brand. Covers are made from elastic and durable materials (elastane, polyester), treated with water-repellent compounds and protected from burnout in the sun. In addition, dirt does not linger on the surface, and pleasant bright colors delight the eye. Included is a handbag for storing the accessory. The price is 1500-2000 rubles.

Choose a protective case to suitcase lasts longer and looks like new!

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