Tip 2: The crisis of the age of three: the main manifestations

Enemy need to know in person

Most often in the thirtieth year of life (someone a little earlier, some a little later) in a person's life there is a change of priorities. For example, men often leave the old place of work or even change the scope of activity.
Women who have already managed to acquire a family and children may decide to divorce or make a career bet. And careerists, on the contrary, are beginning to pay more attention to the search for a permanent life partner, thinking about the continuation of the race.
In general, the majority at the age of 30 years seeks to strengthen their status of a successful adult, who is able to bear responsibility for their actions and actions. Of course, such a change of orientation often leads to stress, as it is not so easy to try yourself in a new role as it seems at first glance. But, on the other hand, I don’t want to live as before.
That is why psychologists called this period of life a crisis.
The severity of experiencing a crisis of 30 years can be very different. Some even become depressed because they do not know what to do to reorganize their lives. Others are simply afraid of the unknown, hence the constant feeling of anxiety, insomnia, and all the ensuing consequences. And someone, on the contrary, with confidence looks to the future and, overcoming himself, moves on. How quickly a person comes out of a crisis depends on the effectiveness of his actions and decisions.

Why are women in crisis 30 years sharper?

The representatives of the fair sex, by the nature of their creation, are much more emotional than men, therefore the majority of life troubles cause a storm of experiences in them. In addition, the problem lies in the reproductive function of the body.
According to gynecologists, a woman should have a first child up to 35 years. Getting pregnant for the first time after 35 and carrying a healthy fetus will be much more difficult.
Although many now prefer to give birth to children at a later age (about 30-40). Nevertheless, older people may say something like: “In the days of my youth, unmarried women were considered to be old maids in such summers,” allegedly hinting at their granddaughter or any other young lady,that it is time to decide and have children. Yes, and in the depths of the soul the woman herself is well aware.
Not everyone is able to safely respond to such things from society and those around them, so the situation is only getting worse.

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