Timati is preparing to become a father the second time

According to rumors, they secretly married Anastasia Reshetova in late August.

Yes, the 22-year-old model, the bride of a famous rapper, was attributed to pregnancy more than once or twice. Therefore, to another wave of rumors that Timati and Anastasia are waiting for replenishment, many reacted with a fair amount of skepticism.

Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

By the way, it is likely that a couple is no longer a bride and groom, but a husband and wife. On August 25, photos from the same series appeared on Instagram. Timati signed the picture very simply - 08/25/18 and noted in the publication Anastasia. She answered symmetrically: noted the groom in the post, but she signed the picture a bit more verbose. “It puts pressure on the gas, it keeps the steering wheel,” is very similar to our saying “Husband is the head, wife is the neck.” A little later, a post appeared with the same signature - 08/25/2018.

Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

Fans reacted differently. Timati began to congratulate on the marriage, and Anastasia's subscribers decided together that on this day she told the bridegroom about the pregnancy. Intrigue added another photo of Anastasia, where she poses in a bold dress with a deep neckline and a slit almost to the waist.“The time has come when in this form I dare to dwell only on the picture,” the girl wrote under the picture. "Just got married," - concluded subscribers. True, a few days later, Anastasia appeared at a secular party in a no less daring dress - her dress was absolutely transparent.

Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

And there is no official confirmation of this information yet - both Timati and Anastasia remain silent. True, there is still indirect evidence.

“Nastya was recently seen in the antenatal clinic,” said a familiar couple.

In any case, fans have already begun to “educate” Anastasia, like a future mother. The girl posted a photo of a date with Timati, and she was immediately scolded for the wine in the glass. True, upon closer inspection, it turned out that Timati had water with lemon in the glass. Perhaps, Anastasia drinks only healthy drinks.

19 Sep, 2018 at 11:25 PDT

Recall, the rapper from his first marriage with the model Alena Shishkova brings up his daughter Alice. The girl lives with her mother and paternal grandmother Simone Yunusova. Simona Yakovlevna even leads a page on Instagram, almost entirely devoted to raising a baby.And the fans, seeing Alice's parents together, sincerely hope that they will reunite again.

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