Tilda the Bunny

I have long wanted to settle in my house a serious bunny, the personification of an office worker. Today I invite you to create such a miracle with me. As always, the manufacture of any toy begins with preparation for the process. You will need:
  • pattern on paper;
  • sintepon for stuffing pupae;
  • flax of milky or other color, preferably light shades;
  • floss for embroidery spout and peephole;
  • satin ribbon for making slippers;
  • scissors, threads, needles;
  • two pencils, one of which is not sharpened;
  • a piece of thin cardboard for the sole of a shoe, PVA;
  • light fabric on a shirt;
  • dark fabric for trousers;
  • any long silk piece for a scarf.
Transfer the proposed pattern to paper or cardboard, cut along the contour.
Tilda Bunny
Place the pieces on a cloth, draw a circle around it with a pencil, fix it with English pins. This is done to ensure that the fabric does not shift when we stitch.
parts on the fabric
Sew all the details along the contour, except the sole for the legs. Cut out, leave small, a maximum of 3-5 mm, on the soles the stock should be at least 5 mm.
Stitch all the details
The next step is to prepare the legs. Fix the sole to the shaft with needles.
preparation legs
Carefully stitch the legs of the hare.
stitch the hare's legs
At this stage I always make clothes. Because we will wear a tilde gradually. Open trousers, waistcoat, shirt. Vest I specially cut without a shoulder seam, because the pupa is small, and it's very difficult to make small stitches, especially for beginners.  do clothes
We sew trousers according to all the rules, like for adults. We begin to sew a shirt with a collar, which is then attached to the neck. We have sleeves in the form of tubes.
Trousers we will sew
Now let's go back to our bunny. Iron iron stitched parts, and then we turn out. This is done in order to straighten the seam, which can drag on sewing. We cut small holes in the details so that we can turn them on the front side. Wrenched.
Progremy iron
For stuffing parts with padding polyester I use an unpolished pencil. It is very convenient, easy
stuffing parts with padding
At this stage you can embroider the nose and eyes of our bunny rabbit and sew on the legs. We sew them with the help of buttons so that the doll is standing.
Dressing trousers, shirt dressing up. Sew a button.
 we sew with buttons
We insert the handles into the sleeves and fix them on the bunny. They can also be sewn on buttons or with a hidden seam, grabbing the torso.
Dress Up pants
Dress the sleeveless shirt and tie a scarf around the neck.
We insert the handles into the sleeves
Our bunny is ready, but he has no shoes yet. For the manufacture of slippers, we need PVA glue, tape, cardboard and fabric pattern of the sole. We make a fabric pattern with an allowance of 1-1.5 cm.
 We put on a sleeveless jacket
We form a sole, for this purpose we assemble a pattern on the contour of the thread.
For making slippers
We glue with glue at the edges of cardboard.
Form sole
Tighten the thread and place it under the press of several books for about an hour to dry the glue. After drying, proceed to the formation of the top of the shoe. The tape is cut off with the condition that it turns around the perimeter of the sole, and 2 cm remains on the bend on the back.
We coat glue
We sew the formed ribbon to the sole of shoes with a hidden seam. Slippers are ready.
Tighten the thread
We shoe our serious hare.
slippers for the hare
And so as not to be bored - we invite you to visit him.
Shoe our serious hare
 Tilda the Hare

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