Thought over the first-aid kit - what you need to take with you at a minimum?

We are going to go on vacation with my husband. Thought over the first-aid kit - what you need to take with you at a minimum?


From the head, at departures, from the abdomen, from temperature and from allergies.

We recently went to Turkey. I took, in addition to any pills from the head, stomach, and the anesthetic patch Nanoplast forte.

Nanoplast forte cool thing, by the way, you can even kiddies to use. It acts by infrared and magnetic waves, gently warms the sore spot.

Thank you so much! Now I realized what to buy.

With you, you must first take from the head, from allergies, for the stomach, if local food does not fit, mosquitoes are necessary.

And of course, buy travel insurance. As they say, if you take an umbrella, there will be no rain. How to properly and what kind of insurance is better to choose on the road, you can read in the article

just explained all the nuances is absolutely not expensive, besides for many countries, the presence is mandatory

You know that every country has its own permitted list of imported drugs, some need a prescription, and some are generally forbidden, such as Corvalol, Ketanov, and many others that are commercially available and you can seriously spoil yourself not only rest, but and life.

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