These flowers of unusual size will decorate the interior of any room.

Flowers from paper can decorate the room on cold winter days, when the real colors around us are so small. A new trend is to make such decorations really big. They are suitable as props for fabulous photo shoots or just an element of decor. And the bigger the flower, the bigger it will make an impression.

Paper flowers of large size are perfect as a decoration for any special occasion. Save money on buying annoying balloons and make a birthday party or wedding celebration with such beautiful flowers. You do not need special equipment to create them, and the price of materials will be much less than the cost of the usual decor.

You will need the following tools and materials:

  • templates for leaves and petals;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • a pencil or pen;
  • compass;
  • wooden dowel.

First you need to make a pattern petal. You can use ready-made templates by printing an image from the Internet, or build it yourself. Cut out the template from a very dense cardboard, because it will have to be used many times. After the template is ready, transform its contour with colored pencil on the paper. For a flower need petals of several sizes. Make petals of the same shape in three or four different sizes.

If you are printing a pattern on a printer, simply zoom in or out a little each time. And if you have a drawing by hand, from the smallest set aside a few centimeters in each direction and draw a circle around the points.

Once all the petals are drawn, cut them out. To cope with this operation faster, simply fold the petals of the same size together. You can even just draw one detail, attach several layers of paper to it with stationery clips and cut it all together with sharp scissors.

Now at the bottom of each petal, make small cuts along the very center. 2.5 cm on small petals, and a little more on large ones.

Now apply a little glue on one half of the bottom of the petal and glue the second part overlap. Do not connect the parts too tightly.

Now you need to curl the petals on top. This can be done by hand, or by winding the paper on a pencil or pen.

Next you need to glue the petals together. Connect them, imposing one on another, at an angle of 45 degrees, promazhte glue and hold for some time.

Glue the petals in a circle until you get a whole inflorescence. To be sure that there are enough petals for a whole circle, for a start, simply lay out the petals and try on, at what distance they need to stick on each other.

Using a compass, cut a small circle that needs to be glued in the middle, if the edges of the petals do not close tight enough.

Now paste the second layer of petals. Each smaller one is attached between the large petals.

Now fasten the third layer of petals.

And finally, the smallest petals in the middle.

Next, you need to make the core of the flower. Select the paper in a contrasting color and fold it into a rectangle. Fold it in half, as shown in the photo and cut it.Now fold each of the short strips in half lengthwise and cut again. You will have 4 long narrow strips.

Put the strips together and cut one edge in such a way as to create a semblance of fringe.

Divide the strips in two. Each should have two.

Now we roll the strip around the pencil, smearing it with glue. It is even easier to use a wooden dowel as a base for the roll.

Having twisted the first layer, add the second strip from above, continuing to wind it.

Slightly unbend the edges of the core and stick it to the center of the flower.

Now, having built a pattern similar to the first, cut a sheet of green paper.

Bend the sheet along in half.

Now fold the sheet into accordion.

This is what should happen in the end.

Now expand the sheet. He should look like ka in the photo. Add such flowers to your leaves.

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