Therapeutic and beneficial properties of sea kale

Sea kale is a unique gift of the sea, which is very useful for people. And what exactly is the use of sea kale? And how best to use such a product?

What it is?

Sea kale is not at all a habitual for many vegetable growing on beds. Another name for this product is kelp. This seaweed belongs to the brown class. It has been used for quite some time, and today it is becoming more and more popular. By the way, eating is not the only method of application, sea kale is used externally.

Sea cabbage grows in different seas, it looks like long (up to 20 meters) ribbon. To a greater extent (approximately 80-90%), kelp consists of water, so that before going on sale it is often processed, namely dried.

What is in it?

The composition of sea kale is rich and unique. It includes mineral salts, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, polysaccharides, sodium, magnesium, iron,manganese, iodine, sulfur, cobalt, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins E, C, D, A, B12, B1, B2 and many other useful and irreplaceable components.


Let's list the useful properties of sea kale:

  • Since the composition includes a significant amount of iodine, the use of kelp will eliminate the deficiency of this element and normalize the thyroid gland.
  • Cellulose, which is a part, helps to normalize digestion and prevent constipation, as well as completely clean the intestines. For this reason, kelp is often used to remove toxins and slags. In addition, this product is able to cleanse the body of other harmful substances, such as heavy metals.
  • This product is very useful for losing weight. First, there are some calories (about 20-30 calories). Secondly, kelp, getting into the stomach, swells in it and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  • Regular and proper use of sea kale will help remove harmful cholesterol. So this product is an excellent means of preventing such a dangerous and common disease as atherosclerosis.
  • Since the composition of kelp includes iron, it is very useful in anemia or a tendency to it.
  • In ancient China, kelp was used during loss of strength or during the recovery period after severe illness. And today, this product can also be considered an excellent tonic and regenerating agent.
  • In the course of the research it was found that kelp contains sterols - substances that take part in the blood, normalize blood clotting and prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • Proper use of kelp can strengthen the immune system and protect against infectious diseases.
  • The composition includes substances that can prevent the development of certain oncological diseases.
  • With the regular use of seaweed, metabolic processes are normalized, which contributes not only to weight loss, but also to the improvement of the work of all body systems.
  • Laminaria is good for the brain, because the product contains phosphorus, without which some brain processes are impossible.
  • Laminaria is advised to use women with hormonal disruptions. It will increase the chances of conception, as well as normalize the menstrual cycle.But this product is also useful for men, as it helps prevent erectile dysfunction and increase the activity and viability of sperm.
  • When external use of kelp significantly improves the condition of the skin. Often it is used in the form of masks for rejuvenation, as well as in the form of wraps to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

Is it possible for everyone to eat sea kale?

Like any other product, sea kale can be harmful. So, with the abuse may develop thyroid diseases associated with an excess of iodine in the body. In addition, it is recommended to exercise caution during periods of lactation and pregnancy. It is worth remembering that kelp can cause allergies.

Contraindications are few, but still they are. These include certain diseases of the thyroid gland (for example, hyperteriosis), as well as diseases of the intestines and kidneys.

How to choose?

Today in the shops you can find sea kale in different forms. Canned ready for use, but with conservation loses some of the useful properties. More useful dried kelp.In addition, frozen sea kale is also on sale, which is also very useful.

Pay attention to the composition of the product. There should be no artificial additives in it. But if you see such incomprehensible abbreviations as E 402, E401, E400, E421, E404, E403 or E406, do not worry. All of them mean not preservatives and strong artificial and harmful ingredients, but useful components of kelp.

It is best to choose kelp collected in the northern seas, as it is more useful and environmentally friendly.

If you decide to buy ready-made sea kale, then if possible, study its appearance. First, it should have a green tint. Secondly, kelp should not be smeared and similar to an incomprehensible mess.

Application features

How to use sea kale? There are several ways.


It can be a great side dish, it can be added to various salads.

If you have purchased frozen kelp, then first dip it in cool water, then bring to a boil and boil for 15-20 minutes. Dried sea kale before cooking is best soaked in water for 12 hours.

After that, it should be cooked for about half an hour. And you can simply pour boiling water over the kelp, wait a day and use the product. Laminaria powder can be added to a variety of dishes instead of seasoning.

What to cook with seaweed? We offer several recipes:

  1. Very tasty Korean seaweed snack. For its preparation, you need 200 grams of dried sea kale, 1 onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds, 100 ml of soy sauce, 50 ml of vegetable oil, 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Kelp soak in water for 10-12 hours, boil until soft. Grate the garlic, finely chop the onion. Cook the marinade. Mix soy sauce, vinegar, oil, sesame, salt and pepper. Pour marinade laminaria with onions and garlic, clean for a day in the fridge and eat.
  2. You can make a salad. You will need: 200 grams of frozen squid, 1 carrot, 100 grams of dried kelp, and vegetable oil for refueling and salt. Boil sea cabbage until soft, soaking it in water overnight. Squid also need to boil until cooked. Cut cabbage and squid, rub carrots on a large grater. All mix, salt and season with vegetable oil.
  3. Delicious salad with crab sticks and egg.For cooking you will need: 50 grams of dried sea kale, 3 eggs, a package of crab sticks, 1 processed cheese, mayonnaise for dressing and salt to taste. Boil until boiling sea cabbage and eggs. Cut kelp, crab sticks and eggs. Rice the syrup on a coarse grater. Mix all the ingredients, season the salad with mayonnaise and salt it.

Outdoor use

Kelp can be used for cosmetic purposes for external use. Recipes:

  1. Effectively anti-cellulite wrap. It is most convenient to use kelp powder. Pour it with boiling water for several hours. Apply the resulting slurry on the problem areas evenly. Then wrap yourself in a food film. After a few hours, rinse with warm water.
  2. You can make a scrub. To do this, mix 50 grams of dried sea kale with the same amount of sea salt, add about 50-70 ml of liquid honey. Massage the body with mass and rinse with warm water.
  3. Laminaria masks are effective. Powder pour hot water for 2-3 hours. Squeeze out excess liquid and apply a mass evenly on your face. Cover your face with gauze and lie down for an hour or two.Then just wash with warm water.
  4. Sea kale is also useful for hair. Soaked kelp powder should be applied to the scalp and hair. After that, wrap the head with a pack and a towel. After a couple of hours, wash your hair.

Be sure to buy sea kale, eat it and use it for cosmetic purposes!

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