The weather in Moscow for June 2017 is the most accurate and detailed daily forecast of the hydro-center. What weather weather forecasters promise for the Moscow region in June 2017

MPI-001Changeable, rather hot and rich in short-term precipitation - this is what the weather is expected to be in Moscow in June 2017, according to a preliminary forecast from the weather center. At the beginning of the month, coolness and regular rains will force residents and guests of the capital to carry umbrellas and warm jackets every day. But after June 10, the summer will show its best qualities and warm the streets of Moscow with pleasant, soft warmth. At the end of the month, steady heat will finally reign in the city, and the last June day will be remembered by the heat of + 28 ° C and heavy rain that will wash the capital's avenues on the eve of the onset of July.

Weather in Moscow for June 2017 - the most accurate forecast for each day

The most accurate preliminary forecast made by the employees of the Russian weather center based on statistical data and regular observations of the weather situation in the region, reports that the weather in Moscow in June 2017 will surprise with its instability and changeability. Cool, overcast days with abundant precipitation will alternate with absolutely clear and even hot moments when the average daily temperature will reach + 28 ° C and such drops in residents and guests of the capital will have to be observed from the very beginning to the end of the month.

Daily forecast for June 2017 for Moscow


According to the information of the daily weather forecast, the first three days of June 2017 in Moscow will not be summer at all. In the afternoon, the thermometer will barely crawl to the level of + 18 ° C, and at night the air will cool to almost autumn + 10 ... 12 ° C. The sharp, gusty wind will aggravate a situation. These days it will reach 7-8 m / s and will bring with it abundant, prolonged rains and humidity, rising to 746 mm. p / s

On the 4th, the temperature will sharply warm and the thermometers will record + 25 ° C in the morning. The clouds will still remain, but rainfall will not spill and until the evening the weather will remain dry and comfortable for walking.On June 5-6, it will become cold again to + 19 ° C, the sky will be overcast and the probability of short rains will increase greatly.

The real summer will begin on the 7th in Moscow. The clouds will completely dissipate, a bright, warm sun will shine in the sky and warm the Moscow streets to + 23 ° C. By the 9th the mercury column will be selected to the mark of + 25 ° C. On June 10, one of the hottest days of the month will have to be. The temperature will rise to + 27 ... 28 ° C, and at night it will fall only to + 15 ... 17 ° C. There will be no rain at this time and the air will become quite dry and hot.

The heat will drop a little 13-14 numbers and the sultry metropolis will feel pleasant freshness and coolness. On June 15, the city will cover a tropical cyclone. The air temperature will rise again to + 28 ° C and the streets of Moscow will wash abundant, intermittent rain. A dry, clear “window” will be on June 18, and from 19 in the capital it will become very cold (up to + 15 ... 17 ° C during the day and + 12 ... 13 ° C in the evening) and will wait again for the next three days.

From 22 to 24 the weather will improve, the sky will clear up, and the light south-westerly wind will disperse the remains of a cloud. The temperature will rise first to + 20 ° C, and already in the next two days the thermometer will sharply soar to the mark of + 26 ° C. From June 25 to June 30 it will be stably hot in Moscow (+ 28 ... 29 ° C in the morning and no less than + 17 ... 18 ° C at night).Short rains will take place in some areas on the 25th, 26th and 30th, and Moscow will face the second summer month with heat and variable cloudiness.

Weather in Moscow at the beginning and end of June 2017 - a message from the weather center


According to the general forecast of the meteorological center, the weather in Moscow at the beginning of June 2017 will provide guests and residents of the capital and freeze, and feel the real summer heat. The first days will be rainy, rather cool and cloudy, so, leaving the house you will have to wear waterproof shoes, take an umbrella with you and cover your shoulders with a light jacket or wool jacket. The middle and the end of the month will be pleased with mostly clear weather, infrequent precipitation and rather high air temperature (+ 23 ... 29 ° C). Gusty winds by this time will almost completely cease and in Moscow, the real hot summer will reign.

Weather in the Moscow region in June 2017 - what the weather forecasters promise


Forecasters of the Russian weather center claim that the weather in the Moscow region in June 2017 will almost exactly repeat the weather situation in the capital itself. In the northern and northwestern part of the region, moderate heat will linger until the middle of the month, and only after the 15th day will the summer fully come into its own. In the south, the heat will reign from the very first days of June and will last until the beginning of July.The amount of precipitation will not exceed the average norms typical for this period of time, and the winds will be rare guests in the region. The water in the rivers and lakes will warm up to +19 ... 21 ° C and will become quite suitable for swimming for both children and adults.

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