The time required to sterilize canned food

The time required to sterilize canned foodThe time required to sterilize canned food is a very important parameter. When determining the necessary time for sterilization, proceed from the fact that, firstly, it is necessary to sterilize so much time that the can can warm up to the very depth, so that the microorganisms that are at the point further just located from the surrounding can of a hot environment (somewhere near the geometric center of the container). This period of time is called the warm-up time or the time of heat penetration into the depth of the product.


When the heat "reached" to the very depths, it takes some time to destroy the microorganisms that are in this most distant point of the product. This period of time is called deadly, or lethal, time.


It is clear that the first segment relates to the physical side of the process, to the product, its ability to quickly or slowly pass heat 60 in certain conditions.This period of time does not depend on the presence or absence of microorganisms in the product and is called the thermophysical component of the time of sterilization, it is denoted.


The second segment depends only on the biological characteristics of the microbial cell, on its ability to withstand, under certain conditions, the lethal effects of high temperature. This period of time is called the microbiological component of sterilization time.


Thus, the total time of sterilization depends on two components: thermophysical and microbiological. Consider the factors on which each of these segments depends, and in the first place the determining factor, namely the deadly time.

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