The rules of royal etiquette that Megan Markl will have to accept

In the Princess's Diaries, which the tabloids diligently follow Megan Markle, a lot of attention is paid to how the future spouse of Prince Harry masters the court protocol (read: what mistakes he makes). What are the rules of British royal etiquette she will have to accept, and maybe cancel, because she is a very independent nature?

Curtsy curtsy

Megan Markle and Prince Harry

After the wedding, the new Duchess of Sussex will have to curtsy not only with Queen Elizabeth II, but also with her children and grandchildren. Also, a polite half-sitter will be required when Megan meets Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, since in the British aristocratic hierarchy the title is Kate higher, and she herself is the wife of the actual heir to the throne and the mother of the future heirs to the throne.

The further the family ties, the more difficult it is to distribute the cynics.For example, if Megan is alone in the presence of Prince Charles's nieces, princesses Beatrice and Eugenia, then a curtsy is supposed to be done to her. And if Harry is next, then both princesses are themselves obliged to provide a squat mark of attention to him and his spouse.

Do not show feelings in public

Megan Markle

The strict protocol does not allow monarchs and their families to openly demonstrate heartfelt affection for their loved one. The ban is not something that kisses or hugs, but even an innocent need to hold each other's hand. This point Megan and Harry have repeatedly violated, and they say that the queen, seeing them hand in hand at secular receptions, only shakes her head and does not grumble just because they have not yet become titled spouses officially.

Keep distance with others

Megan Markle

Selfies and hugs with fans, distribution of autographs, teddy bears and bouquets of enthusiastic hands - everything that Megan Markl is accustomed to as the star of the series “Force Majeure” is now a taboo for her. The maximum that is allowed in respectful treatment of ordinary mortals with the royal persona is a formal handshake (and no other, even the most friendly touches) and a conversation on neutral topics (read: about the weather) with a duration of no more than a couple of minutes.

This item of etiquette Megan, as we know, also violated, but for a very respectful and touching reason - for the sake of her young fans. On January 18 of this year, she and Harry visited the capital of Wales, the city of Cardiff. At the Welsh Culture Festival, Markl took the seven-year-old Eloise for her hand (she was embarrassed and lost her rhythm while dancing for the guests of honor) and sat down on her knees and whispered to her that she was also afraid to perform in public for a long time. And she also wrote "Hello, Caitlin!" In a ten-year-old Caitlin Clarke notebook.

Refuse black clothes

Megan Markle

Etiquette prescribes representatives of the royal dynasty to wear black only in days of funerals and mourning. However, this rule was first broken not by Megan, in whose wardrobe there are many things of a dark scale, and not even Kate, but ... Lady Diana. Remember the velvet dress with bare shoulders, in which the mother of princes William and Harry danced with John Travolta at the reception of Nancy and Ronald Reagans at the White House in 1985?

Keep your beliefs to yourself

Prince Harry, Megan Markle and Duchess Catherine

Members of the royal family are strongly discouraged from publicly sharing their political views, religious beliefs, and other principles of their own worldview.A fresh example: remember how everyone expected that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, would not be afraid to break the palace etiquette and come to the BAFTA 2018 award ceremony in a black dress to support the movement against #TimesUp harassment? Kate then diplomatically confined her velvet black belt to the dark green alongside, so as not to offend anyone.

Megan does differently. She intends to make a solemn speech on them with Harry's wedding - according to the protocol, this is done by the father of the bride or the groom. And at the forum of the Royal Charity Foundation (the event took place in London on the last day of February), Mark spoke openly about the rights of women. She approved the movements of #MeToo and #TimesUp, as their activists raise problems that concern millions of women.

Be on the sidelines

Megan Markle and Prince Harry

At public events Megan and Harry should enter the room, go out to the subjects only after William and Kate, if they are also present. The very first, according to the protocol, enter the reception hall of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, followed by their son - heir to the throne number one, Prince Charles, and then, in order of priority, all the other members of the royal family.

The etiquette prescribes Megan to be on the sidelines and in her pair with Harry: if the two of them are asked a question, then the spouse must answer first; if they go somewhere, then Megan should not be ahead of her husband, so that he does not look like a weak-limp mattress wagging behind his wife.

Know dining etiquette perfectly

Megan Markle

American table etiquette is much more democratic than British, and even more so the monarch. Therefore, this part of the protocol is one of the most difficult for Megan, besides there are a lot of pitfalls. If the queen, for example, asks to remove her plate, the servant takes the plates from everyone who is at the table - no matter how much you had time to eat and did you eat. Also, Her Majesty is demanding on how the names of varieties of tea and types of baking are pronounced at her table (yes, Megan, you can't flinch with a Canadian accent!), Exactly how milk is poured into cups of tea ...

It is known that before major receptions, Prince Harry's bride spends several hours with an expert on royal etiquette, “rehearsing” a tasting of dishes at a banquet.

Instead of P. S .: “Megan, don't give up!”

Megan Markle

From the “small things” prohibitions: the future Duchess of Sussex cannot use a smartphone in public (this,according to the royal etiquette, indecent), make a bright manicure, wear a bag with a strap over the shoulder or handles (just a clutch), wear dresses and skirts above the knee, do careless styling, discuss fashion and diet, eat seafood (British monarchs are afraid to poison oysters ) and - do not laugh! - to play in ... "Monopoly". The game did not please the second son of Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew, as "too vicious", and since 2008 it has been banned in the royal circle.

And while one part of the fans of the star "Force Majeure" advises her to quit everything and run until it's too late, that is, to refuse marriage with such a social burden, the other part, fortunately, the big one, supports him: they say, you are strong, independent, talented - cope, you're an actress! Yes, and Megan herself is a brave man: her main teacher labels etiquette (and Harry - the mentor is not strict), to misses in protocol science is calm and even with humor, and some rules, as we feel, and at all intend to cancel or soften, so royal etiquette and the twenty-first century are much more combined with each other.

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