The revolutionary daylight lamp CoeLux simulates a window through which the present can be seen

Sunlight penetrating through the “window in the ceiling” in the form of an LED panel seems absolutely real and can deceive not only a person, but also a professional technician. Now the “sun” can shine 7 days a week 24 hours a day in any room.

LED panel in the form of a window on the ceiling.LED panel in the form of a window on the ceiling.

The CoeLux lamp is a revolutionary device, which is a high-tech LED ceiling panel imitating a window into which you can see the blue sky in clear weather. Through this rectangular panel in the room, cut off from the real rays of the sun, daylight penetrates. People who came into the room with the installed CoeLux system were absolutely sure that they are in a room with a real window in the ceiling, from which the sun's rays get in and illuminate the space.

Now the sun can shine 7 days a week 24 hours a day in any room.

Now the sun can shine 7 days a week 24 hours a day in any room.

The revolutionary daylight lamp CoeLux.The revolutionary daylight lamp CoeLux.

The installation of a unique lighting system will be especially relevant in areas that require real sunlight: in hospitals, offices, gyms, underground parking lots, basements.

The CoeLux lamp imitates real sunlight.

The CoeLux lamp imitates real sunlight.

The only drawback of the CoeLux system is its price. For artificial sunlight, the company asks for about 60 thousand dollars. The installation will cost 7-8 thousand dollars.

The price of the original CoeLux system is 60 thousand dollars.

Today the system is passive, that is, it does not change its light during the day. However, the developers are not going to stop there and plan to supplement CoeLux with a dynamic effect. In this case, the "sun" will change its position at different times during the day. In the meantime, there are only three options for lighting: the sun of the northern hemisphere, tropical and Mediterranean.

Unique lighting system CoeLux.Unique lighting system CoeLux.

Sunlight is necessary for the proper development of the body and a good mood, so the "artificial sun" CoeLux - a very useful invention in the world of lighting.And those who get bored with the sunny weather, created a homely thundercloud: an interactive lamp with a speaker system.

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