The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved one

The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved oneIn the history of mankind almost everything remains the same. As well as hundreds of years ago, in the era of the Roman Empire there was a marriage of convenience, and later, in the 15th and 19th centuries - dynastic marriages. The eternal question of many young girls, which is better - to live in a hut with a loved one or without love, but with money and perspective? Marry for love, when the spouse has a good material base and perspective, alas, the case is not so common?

What is love?

To try to uncover such a difficult topic of marrying an unloved one, let us go from afar. For hundreds of years, scientists have figured out what makes a person to love? In short, we need love for the reproduction of our own kind, this is a whole series of processes, including chemical ones, taking place in our little head.
As a rule, we fall in love with people of our social status and, often, shy away from successful and handsome men if we consider ourselves not good enough for them.All this only confirms the theory, according to which, nature helps us to find an equal partner. Note that it's not about your true beauty - the tastes of men differ in this case. It's about how you feel.

Marry for love - myths and reality

The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved oneIf you are young, full of energy, and the chosen one is the first mature love, remember one thing: always think with your head. In most cases, alliances built on emotions last 2-4 years. This is evidenced by statistics. It will be hard for you to objectively analyze the situation and your man, because now he seems to you the best, the most beautiful, the cleverest. Take yourself in hand now, because in a few months or years the shroud from your eyes will come down, and you will come face to face with cruel truth.
Hubby will start to walk with friends and every day to drink a bottle of beer on the couch (he had done it before, but you went in pink glasses). Work, if at all he has, will be a penny, and undermining his ass from the couch or from the TV, in order to try to find something better - not an option, because he, poor thing, so tired. Love will end very quickly, scandals will begin and, as a result, divorce, disappointment.You are lucky if you are without a child, and if with a baby, then more than 80% of normal and successful single men will not look at you. True, she is so unpleasant.
You may be lucky, but keep in mind that such luck very rarely comes the first time. A beloved man, eager to earn and provide for his family, not drinking and not walking, putting his wife above friends is a rarity in our country. Perhaps that is why many women so dream to go to the west.The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved one

Signs of a successful man

Strong love comes with time. Yes, a young man may not like you at the very beginning, especially if you have experienced a recent separation and, of course, you will not listen to what is written here, because you have your own opinion, therefore you, all so successful and beautiful, read this article.
Usually, who marries the unloved, after a year, blows away the dust particles from his beloved, beats his chest, telling how lucky they are. This is despite the fact that at first they sobbed, fighting with themselves. As so, life is a lousy thing, threw them such a "pig."The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved one
It is clear that readers are mostly young girls who do not have much experience in relationships. Before listing the main signs of a promising guy, we’ll give some statistics in Russia and Ukraine.Count the number of drinkers, lazy, drug addicts, poor, stupid, without the education of young guys, add here married, elderly, blue. These are 80% of the total population, which certainly cannot be classified as “promising” suitors. It remains to be content with 20%.The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved one
To determine if the elect is 20%, pay attention to the following:

  • the presence of the car and its relation to the iron horse. If he blows specks of dust from nines or Zhiguli, alas, he will not go far. Another thing is a business class car or not a super-expensive car, because if a person is young, he is 25-30 years old - this is the first sign of future success;
  • drinks little or does not drink at all, appreciates work, strives for development - all this can be understood from a conversation;
  • competent speech, humanitarian or technical education, work on a specialty or desire for business;
  • his family is one of the most important points. At the age of 25, it is extremely difficult to break through in our country without the support of relatives, even a very intelligent person. Strong-standing parents who will always help financially is important.

How to proceed - the choice of each of us, you can only advise on the basis of personal experience.We recommend that you choose, albeit not rich, but promising, having life goals - you will love it, and will rejoice in your choice. No? Then marry for love, which in most cases is not love at all, but “love”. The main thing is after the glasses fall off, so that there is time to correct the mistakes made.The motives of marriage are not for love and marriage for a loved one

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