The most stylish and beautiful swimsuits in 2015 (21 photos)

Although summer 2014, unfortunately, has already ended, but summer 2015 is ahead. And it’s worth preparing for this hot season in advance, especially as designers have already presented new collections of swimsuits. And which of them will be the most stylish and fashionable in the coming year?

Fashion trends 2015

Classics are eternal

Immediately it is worth noting that the summer season 2015 will be the season of diversity and freedom of choice. Models are so diverse that any girl will choose something suitable. The most diverse versions of styles, colors and decor will not leave anyone indifferent. Be prepared for the fact that your eyes will run. But before going to the store, study the fashion trends of the coming season.

Variety of styles

Bright colors

Styles in the summer of 2015 will be the most diverse. Here are the possible options:

  1. Still in bikini fashion. It is incredibly sexy and comfortable. But remember that open models can only afford girls with a slim figure. When choosing a bodice, consider the shape and size of the breast. If the bust is elastic and has medium size, then you can choose the upper part without cups.If your breasts are not too large, then choose a swimsuit with voluminous cups (they can be foam or silicone) that will make you more feminine and sexy. And if the chest is large and rather heavy, choose a halter swimsuit model with straps tied around the neck. It is better to pay attention to the bodice with cups (but not bulk), which will keep its shape well, and with wider straps that will provide the necessary support and will not crash into the body. Bikini swimsuits are represented in the collections of almost all designers and fashion houses, and Victoria Secret suggests them.
  2. Models in the style of retro. Pretty frank bodice and high panties will make you sexy, but not vulgar. By the way, high panties can hide stretch marks on the abdomen, but remember that such models can afford only a girl with a pronounced waist. If you have a rectangular shape, then these panties aggravate the situation and can make you look like a teenage girl or even a boy. High pants are not suitable for ladies with an overly bulky tummy, but at the same time they can perfectly hide a small extra volume.
  3. Incredibly popular model gang. In general, such a word is translated as “bandage”, and this name fully reflects the essence of this model. A distinctive feature of this swimsuit - the lack of straps. There may be thin strings, but most often they are not. This model is suitable for girls with almost any chest size. If the bust is small, then choose a swimsuit bando with volumetric cups, if the chest, on the contrary, is voluminous, then pay attention to the models without cups. But if the chest is heavy and too bulky, then it is better to refuse such a model.
  4. Also popular are swimsuits, which will help to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure and visually tighten the body and make it more slender. But do not think that a one-piece swimsuit is boring and too banal, because there are a great many models. So, for owners of magnificent forms the ideal variant will be a swimsuit-tank with tselnokroenymi straps and cups. You can experiment with the neckline. It can be both round and square or V-shaped and even extremely deep, reaching to the waist. Such swimsuits are also suitable for slender girls who can afford tight-fitting models without straps and with figured cutouts in various parts.Some merged swimsuits look so sexy that they can bypass in this regard frank bikinis.
  5. Girls who lead an active lifestyle will certainly appreciate comfortable and functional sports models. In this swimsuit you can not only soak in the warm water and under the gentle rays of the sun, but also play outdoor beach games without fear of confusion and discomfort. Comfortable panties, shorts and bodice, made in the form of a top, will make your figure fit and athletic.
  6. Relevant and very popular swimwear monokini. This model is a cross between a separate and one-piece swimsuit. Usually, the lower and upper parts are interconnected by a small strip of fabric. This model will help make the waist more feminine and pronounced and at the same time can hide a slight excess volume in the lower abdomen (but only a small one).
  7. Tankini is a very comfortable model, which also allows you to hide some of the shortcomings, for example, stretch marks. This swimsuit is a set of panties and an upper part that almost completely closes the belly. The easiest top option is the shirt.But also the upper part can have cups or straps tied at the neck. There are also strapless models.
  8. Pay attention to the most diverse models of Trikini swimsuits. In general, this swimsuit is a connected upper and lower parts. But the connection can be carried out in a variety of ways: strings, straps, jumpers and so on. By the way, if you decide to purchase such a model, then first sunbathe in an open swimsuit, as numerous fittings will leave traces on your body in the form of white stripes.
  9. For a cool summer, a swimsuit with sleeves is ideal. They can be short or even long. Long sleeves can be a one-piece swimsuit, and tankini, and even monokini.

To choose the right model, you can first explore the photos of different swimsuits.

Color palette and prints


What will be the fashionable swimsuits 2015? Colors can be very diverse, in the summer we will see a real riot of colors. Here are the most fashionable colors:

  • Noble dark tones: blue, burgundy, purple, brown and other similar.
  • Bright "acid" colors: pink, light green, bright yellow.
  • Fresh blue, turquoise, coral.
  • Sunny yellow and orange.
  • Metallic shades: golden, silver, platinum and bronze.
  • Classic black and white.

Some tips on color matching:

  • The unusual and unusual color tandems will be actual: blue and red, blue and pink, lilac and yellow. If you want to be stylish and fashionable, choose a swimsuit with different top and bottom in color. Particularly relevant contrasting combinations.
  • Forget the gray tones, in the summer of 2015 you will not see them.
  • Pastel colors are also irrelevant.
  • Do not be afraid to choose bright multi-colored models, summer is the time for diversity and violence of colors.

Now we list the most fashionable prints:

  • The strips. If you need to visually stretch the silhouette, the best option will be vertical strips. If you want to add volume to some part of the body, choose horizontal stripes.
  • Various curved lines, geometric patterns and zigzags.
  • Topical peas.
  • In fashion animalistic prints: snake, leopard, tiger.
  • Landscape and photographic drawings, for example, images of the sea or people.
  • Floral and floral patterns.
  • Ethnic motifs.


It is fashionable

And finally, the most fashionable details:

  • Inserts from other fabric, for example, from lace or a grid.
  • Flounces, frills, ruffles.
  • Straps and chains.
  • Stones, rhinestones and beads.
  • Figured cutouts.
  • Fringe.

Now you know everything about the most relevant and fashionable models of the future summer season of 2015. By the way, it is best to buy cheap swimsuits in advance, because prices usually rise at the height of the season.

This option

Such fasonchik

With sakura flowers

With top

With an image

With ornament

With folk ornament

With long sleeve

Popular model

Sequins are back

Great combination




Corrects the shape


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