The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Still, if beauty will save the world, then it is necessary that someone has already urgently taken care of the salvation of this very beauty. For example, from the invasion of plastic operations from the school bench, the magical (but unfinished!) Transformations of men into women, the frightening methods of "war paint" and other horrors that we saw this year and now we sincerely want to develop ...

Kylie jenner lips

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family this year has found everything that every second girl in our country dreams of: silicone breasts, inflated lips, a diploma of secondary education, a boyfriend and a snow-white Ferrari for 320 thousand dollars. From all that has turned out without pain in the heart and anxiety for the younger generation, you can only look at the diploma and Ferrari, everything else (especially the lips!) - the spectacle is not for the faint-hearted.

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Pedicure Caitlin Jenner

Kaitlin Jenner, in principle, has become both fashionable, and beauty, and just a failure of the year, only the defenders of transgender people do not allow anyone to speak out loud about it.Exactly in June of this year, male Bruce Jenner with the cover of Vanity Fair officially informed the whole world that he had turned into a woman Caitlin, but later it turned out that Bruce was coping badly with his new female "responsibilities". For example, ignores salon pedicure sessions ...

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015


A new fun for those who learned how to weave braids with the help of commercials on YouTube, and about the highlighter for the first time read in the women's forum. As soon as you have a free Sunday, do not deny yourself the pleasure of understanding that you used to paint completely wrong. Well, or at least spent on this unpardonably short time ...

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Knitted manicure

Now the rhinestones and patterns on the nails are no longer alone - they have a “winter” competitor in the form of a textured manicure on the nails, which imitates the braids on a woolen sweater. Knitted appliances on unsightly women's sites and public VKontakte received the proud title of “the original trend of the cold season”, we, in turn, were delighted that the claws like Lady Gaga have not yet reached our nail salons.

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Men's bunches

Male bundles, like civil war, divided the Internet into those who love and cultivate them, and into those who scornfully hate them.American GQ has even released an entire article “7 hairstyles for men's long hair, except bunches”, which can already be qualified as a revolution in the field of men's beauty, because before we could list two options on the strength - loose hair and a tail.

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Celebrities as victims of violence

Since feminism in the West has become fashionable a little bit, and Beyonce and Emma Watson have cheerfully joined the feminists, the world will never be the same, because someone will definitely want to earn some money on it. For example, as activists of the movement No Woman Is Immune from Domestic Violence, who in photoshop painted bruises from beatings to famous ladies and proudly called it an art project.

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Rollers about 100 years of beauty in 1 minute

No, this, of course, is not such a terrible failure, as in the case of a schoolgirl who has done several plastic surgeries so that everyone will talk about her in chorus ... But still these same-type videos are a very accurate characteristic of the modern young generation, which long news is lazy to read, not like a 200-page encyclopedia on the history of fashion or hairstyles.

The most remembered beauty failures of 2015

Embroidery on hair

Dyed hair ends - made, colored mascaras and hair markers - made back in school, African braids and dreadlocks, fortunately, passed by us, but the rainbow hair never surprised anyone.For the new arrives hair embroidery, or embroidery on the hair. And the most that neither is a real embroidery - with the presence of threads, needles and a hoop like a real needlewoman.

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