The most famous culinary bloggers in the world

Have you noticed a long time ago that cooking and all sorts of culinary experiments give you real pleasure? Perhaps you have long been interested in various cuisines of the world, or, conversely, have managed to single out the one that interests you most?

Then it's time to get acquainted with those who have long and with great confidence sets the fashion in the world of the culinary community, namely, with the most famous and popular culinary Internet bloggers in the world.

Who would have thought some 10 years ago that the idea of ​​uploading video to the Internet could lead to the success of not only popular musicians, even the most “simple” people, who at that time were just starting to master blogging. Today these guys manage not only to do their favorite things, but also to share with their subscribers some or other advice, but also earn impressive amounts of money.

Culinary blogs that have managed to achieve popularity are always distinguished by some highlight - they are really interesting to study and just look at your leisure.They are always full of delicious culinary ideas, new recipes, beautiful photos and videos about food, and sometimes informative stories about the gastronomic journeys of their authors.

So, today we invite you to familiarize yourself with the best and most famous culinary videoblogers in the world who can easily become excellent inspiring examples for you.

  • David Leibovitz

He is called the oldest culinary blogger, because he started his first blog dedicated to cooking, in 1999, that is, at a time when no one yet knew what it was. Today he boasts a million-strong army of fans who read his advice with pleasure. Today, David is not only a popular blogger, but also the author of several cookbooks, as well as a talented pastry chef.

He worked as a chef and pastry chef in the USA for more than 20 years, and then moved to Paris, which also influenced his work - you can find many interesting French recipes in the books and the author's blog. I must say that for many bloggers, as well as simple subscribers, it is David who is person number 1, because all his posts are interesting, informative and, importantly, written in a pleasant and understandable language.

  • James Oliver

On his official portal you can find not only a fascinating blog about delicious food, but also a real culinary library! James began his career with a cook in a small restaurant, then became one of the most popular leading culinary TV shows, today he is the author of many culinary bestsellers, the most popular "telepersonal", and also the most famous culinary blogger in the whole of the UK!

9 new recipes appear on its website every day, here you can study informative videos, books, blogs, chat on the forum and even follow the calorie content of each cooked dish, because James is an ardent supporter of healthy eating.

  • Tim Mazurek

Another great example of a culinary blogger who is also a talented photographer. In his blog, you can find photos of people who cook delicious food, photos of places where it was eaten, as well as pictures of the culprit of the whole "celebration" - juicy, mouth-watering and attracting dishes, as the author himself, and other chefs.

Tim also often lays out interesting stories about different dishes and, of course, shares the most favorite recipes, among which the vast majority are baked goods and desserts.By the way, interesting is the fact that Tim dedicated his blog to his grandmother, who didn’t like cooking very much, but never refused a tasty meal.

  • Ida Skivens (IdaFrosk)

According to Ida from Norway - the dish is not only tasty, but also beautiful! It is very important to submit it so that it impresses and stimulates the appetite, in principle, which is what she does on the pages of her blog. Every day, a popular blogger uploads pictures and photos of amazing breakfasts that more resemble painted canvases than a real dish.

As the author notes, it is not difficult to create such a miracle, and only 15-20 minutes is enough for the whole process. See for yourself, very inspiring!

  • Heidi Swanson

As soon as you get to the pages of her blog, it becomes immediately clear - I want to read more and more. Pleasant design style, high-quality navigation and just a cozy atmosphere do their job - Heidi's blog is very popular and continues to replenish the ranks of its regular subscribers.

The author of the blog is confident that for the success of the business it is important to explore new horizons, learn new recipes, and also record all of your results, successful or not, which is what she, in fact, does.

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