The most beautiful offers of hands and hearts in photos

Every year, the wedding portal Junebug Weddings asks photographers from around the world to capture the offers of the hand and heart, and then selects the best shots. This year, the editorial staff selected 35 shots from more than 5,000 photographs - romantic, touching, funny, breathtaking and forcing one to believe that love does exist.

All these photos show that the engagement is not necessarily a cinematic lowering on one knee with a box inside which there is a diamond. Beautiful, but, you see, it was already more than once ... Another thing is when a couple shows imagination: arranges a battle with a Tyrannosaurus Revolution, whirls on a merry-go-round, invites the northern lights to witness, mirrors, reproduces the famous frame from the “Diary of Memory” or catches the shadow of the plane, almost like in the last Coldplay video. Here are ten of the most beautiful offers of the hand and heart of this year in photos, the rest of the frames can be viewedhere.

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