The good news is that cats are healthy!

Scientists investigating the relationship between man and animals, found a link between possessing a cat and health benefits. Even a black cat can be a lucky ticket for you!

1. Cats help your cardiovascular system

Studies conducted at the University of Minnesota found that those who do not own a cat are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than cat owners. (Unfortunately, dog owners, this does not work for you.) The probability of dying from a sudden heart attack is also lower for cat owners. The study calculated that cat owners are more likely to survive after heart attacks, regardless of the severity of the attack.

2. Helping your immune system

Children who grow up with cats from infancy (in this case with dogs) suffer from allergic reactions much less. The frequency of respiratory problems, including asthma, decreases in children who communicate with cats at the beginning of their lives.

As a bonus, children who grow up with pets develop greater empathy for other people's feelings.

3. Reduce blood pressure

Studies at the University of New York at Buffalo have found that caring for a cat reduces blood pressure.

4. Cats lower cholesterol

Diet and exercise are a long way to lower cholesterol, but having a cat also helps. A 2006 Canadian study showed that owning a cat reduces cholesterol better than even some drugs.

5. Treat your bones and muscles *

Cats purr at a frequency of between 20-140 Hz, which is known to have a therapeutic effect. The bones heal best at a frequency of 25 Hz and 50 Hz, the frequencies of 100 Hz and 200 Hz are also helpful. Soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments heal faster at these frequencies. Both swelling and infections also heal in this frequency range.

* according to "British scientists" (see)

6. Exercise with your cat

A cat doesn't need as many movements as a dog, but they also love to play. Look at your cat and find out how to drag! Notice how many times your cat drags on when she does it - and join!

7. Help to cope with loneliness and depression

Cats have a reputation for being alone, but cat owners know that this is not the case. Cat love and companionship helps you feel better throughout life, can elevate mood and reduce feelings of depression.

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