The best shugaring recipe

Knowing the recipe for making shugaring at home will help you carry out this cosmetology procedure without leaving your own apartment.

Natural beauty is now in fashion. But, for some reason, only its pleasant side. Men like girls with a good figure and no combat makeup on their face. The guys loudly say that the main thing is that the girls do not overdo it in caring for themselves and be natural.

However, they forget that the natural side has the other side of the coin in the form of unwanted hair all over the body. Not everyone likes girls with not shaved legs, not to mention the armpits.

Seeing the beauty, which has dark hairs sticking out from under the tights, the guys start to turn away disgustingly. That is why girls are so fanatically trying to remove all unwanted hair from their bodies. And it's not so easy to do this.

There are dozens of ways that allow you to get rid of body hair for different periods of time. Each young lady chooses a method suitable for her.

Every girl wants her legs to be slim and smooth, not thick and with ingrown hairs. Today we will open this method of hair removal from the body, like shugaring.

What it is?

Shugaring is an ancient, time-tested method of removing hair from the body. It came up with Cleopatra. And she, like no one else, knew how to care for your body so that men would go crazy.

Later, Oriental women began to actively use this procedure. They added to it their secrets and subtleties. In fact, shugaring is a cosmetology procedure for removing hair from the body, using sugar.

The meaning of this procedure is the same as in waxing. Only there is used wax as the basis, and then the sugar syrup.


  1. For this procedure, you do not need to use additional tools, such as tissue strips.
  2. Allows you to remove hair even from the most difficult parts of the body.
  3. You will never get burned, as for the slouching you do not need to use hot materials.
  4. The minimum percentage of ingrown hairs due to the fact that the main components: honey and sugar, penetrate the skin deeper than wax.Thereby removing the hair follicle completely.
  5. This is an ideal procedure for sensitive skin. Sweet mixture does not stick to the body, but only to the hairs. Therefore, there is minimal contact with the human skin.
  6. To carry out shugaring you will not have to spend a lot of money. All you need is sugar and possibly honey.
  7. You not only remove hair, but also apply a body scrub. This way your body gets extra care.
  8. Shugaring does not contain chemicals, so you can be sure about the safety of your skin.
  9. The effect of the procedure lasts from one to three weeks. And this is quite a long time.
  10. Minimal risk of various types of inflammation.

How to do?

Having come to any beauty salon, in the list of procedures performed by them you will surely find shugaring. It is worth it there will be decent, although in fact its cost is not very high. We recommend that you try holding a lemon shugarin in a relaxed atmosphere at home.

You need to prepare such ingredients:

  • Sugar - 20 tbsp.
  • Lemon juice - 6 tbsp. (can be replaced with citric acid - 3 tsp)
  • Water - 8-10 tablespoons.
  • Honey - 1 tbsp.

Cooking pasta with citric acid or lemon:

  1. We pour out the sugar in the heat-resistant dishes, add water to it and set it on a very slow fire.
  2. Stir the mixture continuously, otherwise the sugar will burn.
  3. Keep the mixture on the fire until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. After that, in the finished thick sugar syrup, add 1 tablespoon of honey.
  5. Then add all citric acid. Thoroughly mix everything.
  6. Leave our mixture aside for a couple of hours.
  7. After that, proceed to kneading paste for shugaring. Gradually, it will become lighter.
  8. The basis for a shugaring is completely ready.

Now it's time to start the procedure itself.

It is necessary to take a little caramel and quite bake it. You should end up with a small ball. The more plastic you get the material, the greater the effect you will achieve.

Now you need to attach the ball to the foot, and straighten it. To do this, simply stretch the caramel on the leg. Do not strongly press the paste against the skin, it is enough to distribute it evenly.

Leave the sugar mixture on the body for about 5-7 minutes and remove the hair against the growth of hair.Do not worry, the strip of caramel will not break.

Thus, you can remove hair all over the body.

After the procedure at home we recommend that you take a warm bath.

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