The best Christmas decorations

If the cold month of January is approaching, then soon Orthodox Christmas will be celebrated in every house of our country. A wonderful and bright holiday, overflowed with kindness and joy, on this day even those families that rarely gather at the same table will surely find time for this, each one is overflowing with emotions and vivid feelings.

Such a wonderful atmosphere is created by people: good holiday programs and films on television, delicious and special dishes for lunch, gifts, kind words, and, of course, traditional home decoration, which, as well as possible, symbolizes the Christmas holiday.


Usually, we somehow don’t have an opportunity to prepare for this day, as it should be prepared, because the New Year has just stopped, only last year’s salads are starting to eat up, and here it’s already a new holiday. New Year and Christmas have long been merged for us, but still we leave New Year's crackers, and we are preparing to create wonderful Christmas decorations.

Of course, all the necessary festive decor can be purchased in a ready-made form in any souvenir shop, but still, it is so beautiful to make jewelry with your own hands.


Things that you have created yourself or with your family are surely charged with good energy, because each of them puts a piece of his soul into them. In addition, hand-made jewelry always turns out to be unique, even somewhat authentic, how pleasant it will be to listen to enthusiastic exclamations of guests who have never seen anything like it!

In general, gather strength, stock up on materials and good mood, interesting results will not take long to wait! In addition, most of the components for your fakes will consist of the improvised material, which has been stored on shelves for years, not used, but it is a pity to throw away, it seems. Getting started, it will be interesting!

Christmas trees

Well, what a Christmas without a tree? Of course, you installed the main winter beauty even before the New Year, but small Christmas trees in the form of decor or even souvenirs for guests will definitely not be superfluous, especially since it is completely easy to make them.Christmas trees made of chocolates look very original and unusual, there are a lot of variations of their creation and master classes on this topic.

From paper

Interesting and unusual Christmas trees made of colored paper look, which is nice, such souvenirs can be created by connecting even small children to this process. For example, the simplest option is a herringbone made of a white cardboard cone and colored paper.

To do this, we make one round template and cut out on it a lot of multi-colored circles (preferably in the green range). The resulting “pennies” are glued to the cone in tiers by the tip, and the second tip should stick out slightly, like scales on the fish. Thus, we turn our fake into a pretty Christmas tree, which can be decorated with tinsel or small colored bows.

In addition, Christmas trees can be made of colored felt - they turn out very nice decorations for the house. On the fabric, we make a pattern, carefully cut and sew by hand along the edges, you can even use a contrasting thread, for showiness.

The figurine can be hung by a string, or it can be fixed in a small homemade pot, the Christmas tree is sure to be decorated with homemade “balls”, for these purposes you can be served with cute buttons.

Christmas angels

Since ancient times, angels are one of the most important symbols of this bright holiday, because it was the angel that brought the Virgin Mary the good news about her future son. Since then, figurines of angels have always decorated Christmas trees, they are usually given to their loved ones and simply used as home decor.

The easiest option is to make the angels out of paper one by one of the templates, and then hang them on threads in the apartment, which will look very nice and weightless, each time reminding that these are celestial creatures.


For those who know how to knit, you can apply your skill in practice - openwork and light angels are obtained, knitted with white threads from lace. Again, all sorts of patterns can always be found on the Internet. An angel can be made from fabric, exactly the same way as dolls are made - very nice and kind figures, real amulets are obtained! To do this, it will be necessary to carve out separate parts from the fabric - arms, legs, a torso with a head, and wings. Everything is stitched, turned inside out and packed with padding polyester.

The angel must be dressed, for it is to sew a dress for him or pants with a blouse, show imagination here, let themyou will have it unusual! We make our hair out of threads, we use beads for eyeballs, we paint blushes, and mouth does not do such pupae at all. We collect the angel in parts and a beautiful souvenir is ready!

Flavored bags

An interesting smelling decoration for the house, which can also become a good festive souvenir for the guests. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also refresh the air.

With embroidery

To make such a smelling bag of fabric, you need the fabric itself, lace, decorations such as beads or sequins, as well as cereals and essential oil. The smell can be taken any, to your taste, but we would recommend something winter, for example, fir or pine oil.

The filler must be prepared in advance: to do this, take the cereal, you can millet or buckwheat, pour it into a jar, drip into it a couple of drops of aroma oil and tightly close. After a few days, thoroughly shake our billet and let it stand for a few more days, it is important that the croup be thoroughly soaked with smell.

With useful herbs

We sew a bag from fabric, or if you doubt your seamstress abilities, you can buy them in stores.We fasten the lace to the bag, fill it with fragrant cereal, tighten it and hang it around the house, and, as the smell will fade, you can add a few drops of oil periodically.

Christmas socks

These cute Christmas decorations, which are so common in America, are absolutely easy to do with your own hands. And as children will rejoice at this decoration, in them, on the eve of the holiday, sweets and small presentations must appear.


Such a sock for gifts should always be with every member of the family, and if you do not have a fireplace, you can hang them at any place you like. Such socks can be tied up or simply sewed from fabric in patterns, decorated with beads or embroideries, traditionally for their creation use two primary colors - white and red.

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