Than to seal a hole in the slate

From where there are holes in the slate, when there are neither trees nor tall buildings from which something could fall, for me personally remains a mystery. And yet it is a fact. Many varieties of various adhesives are being sold for a variety of materials, including slate. However, many of them are not as effective as we would like. Some flow down from the roof along with the rain during a rainstorm, others, at best in the spring, along with the snow. In the end, I decided to make the glue myself, with my own hands. Glue turned out good. Payments with its application have successfully survived the winter and are still coping with their work. Climbing the roof in spring in search of new “surprises”, and surprised to find the patches safe and sound, I decided to share useful advice. This is how the one-year-old patch looked.
How to seal a hole in the slate
I didn’t easily tear it off to demonstrate how to install a new one.

You will need

  • PVA glue.
  • Alabaster.
  • Asbestoscloth.
  • Spokes from a bicycle wheel (or similar wire).
  • Sandpaper on wood (coarse-grained).

How to seal the hole in the slate

We fill the hole in the slate

The patch will be reinforced. For this, first prepare the needles (if they are not there, cut the steel wire) and asbestos cloth. Now we will dissolve the glue itself. Gram 180-200 glue PVA pour into the dishes in which we will knead. Then, in small portions, continuously stirring, pour alabaster until the mass acquires the consistency of thick cream.
How to plug a hole in the slate
How to seal a hole in the slate
After the mixture is ready and there are no lumps left in it, immerse the prepared asbestos patch into the mixture.
How to seal a hole in the slate
You can leave the mixture alone for ten minutes, let it infuse. During this time we will prepare the place of the future patch. Coarse-grained sandpaper cleans the fields around the hole on the whole area,the mixture will fall on.
How to seal a hole in the slate
Lubricate the surface with PVA glue. Now we take two or three knitting needles and put them on a hole along the edges of the slate.
How to seal a hole in the slate
From above, on the needles, apply asbestos patch soaked in a mixture. Next, lay out the mixture around the patch evenly. Smooth with a spatula. Close the dishes with a mixture of lid, so as not to start to dry out and wait an hour and a half until the patch grabs slightly. Then we fix the patch with a second layer, not too thick.
How to seal a hole in the slate
You can lightly sprinkle alabaster on top. Dry it will be a day, so before you start work, find out the weather forecast for the next day, as even small rainfall can put all the work down the drain. But then you can safely forget about the hole, until you decide to change the coating on the roof.

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