Than to dilute a varnish for fingernails or nails if he has thickened?

At the modern fashionista in kosmetichke always there are some varnishes for nails of the most different colors. Such a variety allows in any situation to look beautiful and harmonious to create your own image, taking into account every detail, including the color of the nails. But, this is not always economical, because varnishes have the property of withering, because it is impossible to use each of them constantly. In such a situation, various means come to the rescue, which allow them to restore their previous appearance and continue to be used further.

By the way, it is necessary to know that lacquers thicken not only because they have not been used for a long time. The most common cause is inaccurate use. If you have painted your nails and closed the bottle loosely, be prepared that the varnish will thicken very quickly, as the liquid inside will start to evaporate.

How to dilute nail polish?

It does not matter whether you are expensive or cheap, all of them are thick.The only difference is that you will have to save cheap lacquer in a month or two, and the expensive ones can maintain a stable consistency for up to six months. Dilute the other and help the same ways:

  1. The most appropriate is to use a special liquid to dilute the varnish. It can be purchased at the salon and act according to the instructions. True, it is worth considering that this salvation is only for a time, because exactly in a month the varnish will begin to thicken again.

  2. If you have acetone, you can safely use it. Add a few drops to the vial and shake well. You can do this with a fleece, just soak it in acetone and squeeze it into a bottle. Among all the ways, this one is considered the most convenient and its effect lasts for quite a long time. But note, acetone adversely affects the nail plate, so do not abuse diluted varnish.

  3. Some manufacturers of professional nail polishes add small metal balls inside the bubble. It is enough just to shake the vial, and they will break all the clots.
  4. If it thickened quite a bit, actively rub the bottle with your hands so that it warms up properly or dip it in warm water for a while.

Usually, when it is necessary to dilute a dried varnish, the first thing that comes to mind is the means for removing it.This is the most common and completely ineffective way. Do not even try, as this tool is intended to destroy the structure of the varnish.

How to properly dilute the varnish if it withered?

Suppose you got acetone and plan to dilute your dried varnish with it. For this you only need lacquer and acetone.

Remember, you need to pour acetone exactly one third of the amount of dried varnish, so carefully evaluate its quantity and get to work.

The fact is that this tool, therefore, negatively affects the structure of nail polish, but if you pour it too much, consider it gone. You can say goodbye to the lacquer right away, as it will lose color and become too fragile. Even the smallest mechanical damage will form chips and cracks on it.

Notice, all these methods are only an option for an emergency. Do not always use diluted varnishes, regardless of the remedy that you used for this. It is better to store them properly and not to allow drying. Remember a few rules:

  1. Varnish must be stored in the dark. For this ideal drawer or refrigerator.
  2. Never leave it near a battery. Hot appliances have a negative effect on its consistency.
  3. Varnish should always stand upright.
  4. Always close the cap firmly.

Good luck!

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