Test: Guess the city from satellite imagery!


Virtual maps, access to which provides the search engine Google, made at the time of this cultural sensation! Have you ever dreamed of looking at how Paris works? No problem, because now you always have the opportunity to make a remote walk through the city of dreams, without leaving your home or even getting up from your chair.

Many Internet users even turned this activity into a hobby. Surely, you have repeatedly seen in the network photos of interesting locations on the planet, where when looking at them from a height you can see very unusual topographical nuances - inscriptions, figures, mysterious places.

We are sure that you imagine what Moscow looks like, even if you have never been to it - Red Square, Central Department Store, Sparrow Hills. But can you guess the same city from a bird's eye when all these sights will simply not be visible? Let's check if you can handle this interesting and unusual task, where you have to guess the cities from their satellite imagery.

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