Taking care of yourself - what does it mean in the modern world?

What do we mean by taking care of ourselves? As a rule, something covering our whims and incomprehensible girlish moods. Something went wrong - it's time to go shopping, the mood is worse nowhere - than not a reason to eat a pound of chocolate candy. Familiar, right? The thesis that care is always about pleasure and escape from reality is firmly seated in our head. But what do we get after the immediate satisfaction of needs? Expenses, extra kilos and remaining unfulfilled desires and unresolved problems, which are why we get upset. Surprisingly, we ourselves are following some inexact way to get tired from time to time, close from everyone in the bath with music or buy a new issue of a glossy magazine with a package of chips. No one, of course, is not against all the above "entertainment." But it is important to understand that they have nothing to do with caring for themselves. What then?

At first

Paradoxically, care is best understood as something you don’t like to do. Walk, climb stairs instead of an elevator, find time for sports. In general, everything that really concerns our body and physical spirit. Perhaps before you took care of yourself in this direction only with the help of a cream with a tightening effect. But it is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and put physical activity into the diet. Although banal charging in the morning. A month later, the body and state of mind will say the first "thank you." And you clearly feel that you take care of yourself in the right direction.

Taking care of yourself - what does it mean in the modern world?


Caring is still a real relation to spending and consumption. The desire to buy a new thing in the hope of improving well-being can work at the most superficial levels. And how you unreasonable spending in a fit of madness - happened? Satin boots costing an advance or a bag in feathers? Useless, unnecessary things as sugar substitutes. And if in youth such actions are quite permissive - well, if you think about it, you spent your last money and live to humor somehow with humor, then in “adult” realities this is totally unreasonable and unfunny.In addition, the search for a second job or a new source of income is what should most likely concern those who have to save money for various reasons. And until you begin to do this, then there can be no further concern about any further concern. So you will break on the ambiguous waste.


Give up toxic friends or friends. Only at first glance it seems that they are fairly harmless and somehow, but you can endure them. It is impossible. This type of people is extremely negative for your aura, mood and emotional balance. It's like daily inhaling toxic substances: first, no reaction, and then unexpected unhealthy symptoms. So it is with people. How to recognize them? First of all, these are the people who quietly stick. It seems you were not going to have a new friend, but you already have one. From this series. Look closely and listen. A new friend is always unhappy, and at first glance there is a feeling that he has a lot of reasons for this. He angrily jokes, finds the perpetrators in any situation, hears only himself and is completely devoid of empathy. Remember, alien infantilism is a very toxic phenomenon for you.Do not get involved - so you do not poison yourself with someone else's negative.

Taking care of yourself - what does it mean in the modern world?


Let yourself be yourself. Normal and normal. Take a look at everything that you have to do and what you want to do. Try to meet the true needs, not counting their quirk. Everything that you consider to be the norm is very often a copy of the life of others. Pattern and stereotype about modern life today. Take care of your potential - most likely, you spend little time with it. Switch from "pamper yourself" to "know exactly what I want."

Well and fifthly

Do not take the example of the above-mentioned toxic people. Do not call yourself a victim of circumstances. Take care of your life - one in which you feel good. And not because it is so accepted. Show indifference to the estimates of others - from their opinions in your life will not change anything. Taking care of yourself is when you allow yourself not to load to the limit without a special reason, when you realize all your dependencies and part with them consciously. And, of course, when you know that a piece of cake, a glass of wine or a bubble bath is no escape from reality, but a real pleasure from real life.

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